1 Simple Way to Improve Download Rates in Email Campaigns

Most companies are faced with unique challenges when deploying email marketing campaigns. Today’s marketing reality is that people on the receiving end of email campaigns demand relevancy; that means marketers who want to positively impact their company’s bottom line should design their campaigns to be relevant to the recipient.

When campaigns are relevant, they help nurture new leads into qualified, sales-ready prospects. However, knowing what content is relevant is its own challenge.

But overcoming this challenge can improve the percentage of people who engage with email, helping to educate leads and produce more sales qualified leads over time.

Email Nurturing and Audit Process

DigitalRelevance has email nurturing in place to send emails scheduled on an automated time frame to visitors who have downloaded content. The Marketing team at DigitalRelevance recently completed an audit of this process to see what could be improved.

The click-to-open rate (C/O) is calculated by how many people who receive an email actually click on a link in an email. The audit analyzes how the number of offers present in an email affects the C/O percentage.

The process of auditing DigitalRelevance’s email nurturing campaigns was to first count how many offers are in each individual email. The emails were categorized by how many offers were in each, and the C/O average of each category (zero, one, two, and three offers) was calculated. The audit included a total of 57 email scripts with 61 offers (introduction emails had zero offers). These email scripts were delivered 31,337 times over an eight-month period of time.


As shown in the figure below, the C/O percentage continually increased as more offers were added. Based on this audit, it appears the level of email engagement increases when multiple offers are presented to the recipient. There is likely a ceiling because no one wants to get 100 offers in an email. The purpose of this audit was not to define the ceiling, however, but to examine what was currently being sent out.


The C/O variable was only tested for data at the very beginning of the email nurturing campaign (Top of the Funnel, or TOFU). The purpose of TOFU content is to build trust and perceived value over time by solving people’s problems. This content should not be pushy or sales-oriented. Multiple offers in the TOFU stage allow potential prospects the chance to download whatever best meets their needs.

Potential prospects at the top of the funnel lack adequate lead intelligence to confidently offer relevant content, so having multiple offers provides a better chance of getting relevancy right. Including multiple offers allows marketers to gain additional lead intelligence based on what they download when given options. The more lead intelligence gained, the easier it is to deliver relevant content to the right person at the right time.

Email Nurturing Audit Lessons

Providing multiple TOFU offers in emails will likely improve the percentage of viewers that download content. The level of email engagement increased by 24.03 percent when email recipients received three offers as opposed to one. More engagement leads to greater lead intelligence and helps marketers deliver relevant, timely content. This process goes a long way in helping to nurture leads into prospects and prospects into customers.