10 Content Marketing Strategies a Home Decor Brand Must Follow

There’s no other place in the world like home. However, there are important factors such as effort, time, and money that people need to consider to make their home “feel like home”. Home decoration, home improvement, and home furnishing are not just big industry, but tons of opportunities for the homeowner to have fun, express themselves, and improve the aura within their abode. Most individuals tend to look for ideas and home furnishing products on social media or different online blogs to help them plan and imagine what their home could be.

As a result, most businesses are now using content marketing as the best way to generate more leads and increase their conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. Consumers are depending more and more on informational content when making their purchase decision.

Therefore, home décor brands can strengthen their brand equity and engage with their potential customers by sharing their knowledge and tips in the industry on social media and online blogs, videos, etc. By following these content marketing strategies, you can boost your online presence as a home décor brand.

1. Share Your Knowledge

As a home decor specialist, you have a wide knowledge base and varied skill set like color theory, location planning, geometry, lighting design, etc. It is important to show your audience the things they don’t know – Letting them read articles or see videos of your expertise gives you more influence with their purchase decision.

If you’re able to provide your customers with content that demonstrates your expertise, they will most likely put trust in your judgment and purchase from you. You will have thousands of potential customers who are complete novices when it comes to home renovation or decoration; therefore, they need to find someone they feel comfortable working with – namely you.

Here are some of the different content formats that you can use:

Blog posts

Producing regular quality blog content will increase the visibility of your web page in search engines. Focus content around your specific niche to optimize your SERP rankings. You could use long-tail keywords such as “home decoration in New York for busy professionals.”


Having a professional photo of your products or design ideas in a certain setting is much better than a single product image. If you want your customers to feel more connected with your brand, use a high-definition image that will appeal to  your ideal customer.


Show your creativity by creating before and after videos. If you want them to show your untold stories, let them see behind-the-scenes footage of the design services that you’ve done for people.

However, it’s not always simple to produce specialist content. Consider recruiting freelance home decor writers if you are planning to step up your content marketing strategies.



2. Create a Unique Customer Experience

To provide a unique experience for your customers, you should have a good understanding of what users expect to see from you, as well as the creativity to alter that expectation into something exciting and new. Deploying the right content, will earn you more sales, bring in new customers, and increase their engagement with your brand.

To catch their attention, you can host activities such as in-depth information and tips, product and design tutorials, online webinars, and workshops related to your product.

Do you know what’s even better than putting your blog material up for free? Hiding away some of it to attract customers to sign up for something. That’s what you call “gated content”. This is one of the proven content marketing tactics that works. If your customers are curious enough to sign up, they can browse free webinars and video replays, pdf cheat sheets, and downloadable resources – or whatever it is you decide to offer.

Gating your content can be a quick way to know more about your target customers and what’s valuable to them. By knowing that information, it can help you build a connection with them and create more tailor-fit marketing strategies.

However there are disadvantages to this as well. For instance, having gated content can upset some website visitors and reduce the potential number of people you can connect with. Ultimately it’s up to you to determine how responsive you think your audience will be to gated content.

4. Repurpose Existing Content

Quality content can drive more traffic to your website, improve your brand reputation, and increase the conversion rate of internet visitors. However, it requires time and effort to create.

If you’re struggling to produce new content, repurposing some of your old content is one of the secret techniques that marketers use to drive a consistent amount of traffic to their website. It’s about using existing content and transform it into another structure.

Content syndication is one of the content repurposing techniques that you can use. This is  where your post can appear to be related to other people’s content. Moreover, you can also republish your content on different websites, post some of it on social media with snippets, and create an infographic or presentation of previous pieces to spruce them up and help you get past the writer’s block.

5. Use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

One of the best ways to make your audience immediately purchase from you or download your resources is using Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO because people are primed to react to it. In marketing, FOMO can make your audience more responsive by triggering an anxious feeling like they are going to, well, miss out. FOMO is powerful as it affects almost half of social media junkies and 69% of millennials.

So how can you apply FOMO to your content? You can let your readers know that you have expiring content,  or on the other hand, reward your audiences for earlier subscriptions or purchases.

6. Put in a Sense of Urgency

Urgency is another helpful marketing strategy that affects human psychology. Being in an urgent situation pushes us to make a move. Urgency is also like FOMO, as mentioned above.

However, overusing urgency may lead to a loss of its effectiveness so it’s better to limit using it. You can use terms such as area rugs on sale that evokes speed, time, and scarcity. Also, use an active voice for any Call to Actions (CTA) that you put on your site like “Learn More” or “Book Now”. 

7.  Use Geomarketing

Making content as relevant as possible to your audiences is essential. Geomarketing is a wonderful way of doing this. Geomarketing enables you to produce content and messages tailored to the location of your target audience. For instance, you wouldn’t want an article titled “10 Beautiful Cabin In The Woods Additions” finding its way onto the news feed of someone from Manhattan, and vice versa.

Furthermore, it can also help you increase your content’s ranking in local searches. Local SEO content optimization is another significant component of geo-targeted content marketing.

8. Utilize Email Marketing

In order to gain and retain leads, the contact information you get from your audience, offering an email newsletter or subscription service of some kind can be a great incentive for people to sign up and stay signed up . More than 80% of marketers are using email to promote their content and keep their leads engaged. Limited-time offers, coupons, and other deals can reward your audience’s participation, and help you generate more sales.

Firstly, make sure you’re producing high-quality content to prevent unsubscribing to your emails. Make sure that it’s amusing, beneficial, interesting, or a combination of all three, so that your audience will be looking forward to it.

9. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Through social media accounts, you can share your knowledge, promote offers, and update your followers with your latest products. For home décor brands, the best social media platforms are Instagram and Pinterest. As potential customers are looking for inspiration for their style guide, these two platforms are the most visual among others so they opt to use those instead.

10. Create Interesting Videos

In this digital age, video is one of the most effective formats of content around. Not only are more individuals choosing to watch videos, but  businesses who use video marketing usually get 66% more leads per year.

There are different kinds of videos that can be created, such as product or service displays, Unboxing videos, and product tutorials.