10 Instagram Facts Every Marketer Must Know

When it comes to give your photos the core concepts of detailing, panorama virtuosos, colorific chocolate-box virtues and dawn dusk breaking sky saturating effects – People promptly voice up for Instagram. Unreservedly, Instagram has given us so much when it comes to the virtual visuals department, so much that other apps are becoming integral to effectively highlight their essential edit acclaims.

The popular photo-sharing app isn’t something too old neither too new, but still it has that old school charming factor due to wide-ranging image collages from users residing worldwide.

For this sole picture-perfect portrait edits reason, it’s necessary that you should be familiar with unbeatable facts that cluster up those artistically attuned Instagram layers. So here are some awesome great actualities that the leading photo-sharing app giant reveal relishes upon.

Instagram is Social Media’s best marketing UI Fuel

Looking for a fast landing space for your brand online. Well, it’s not always you choose something successfully streamlined – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. You should always opt for something outstanding. Something that foretells your “brand story” brilliantly. Instagram has jumped straight ahead of other social media spectrums and has delivered optimal requirements to both users – everyday consumers and E-commerce entrepreneurs. Here’s what you get with striking impacts for yourselves (as an everyday picture uploading enthusiast) or someone holding an Buy Instagram Followers business account:


  • Engages interlocked social media platforms for you. Once you get the users attention on Instagram. Now you’re on an à la mode (supreme mode) to serve other social UI’s with Insta shares.


  • Instagram is a high-profile place that depicts worthwhile genuineness when it comes to run your core online businesses. It never grants free space to spam spoilers and anti-branding outlines that might hinder your brain drained out hard work.
  • Instagram integrates automate post schedule options with many exclusive add-ons like Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialReport, Sendible, Tailwind, etc.
  • Instagram keeps up with a diverse range of features to resourcefully run your other SM platforms with up to the minute visual representations, hashtag linking, popular culture impacts hovering on your grids feed archived artistry.
  • To be specific of the leading photo-sharing phenomenon, it offers credible shares to other online terrains including your main door managed social media grounds.

Instagram popularizes the real deal Content

So here’s what really setbacks other social media platforms. What makes Instagram the best “done deal” online arena is its intuitive reliance to your work and the channelized after effect of your ‘true to the spirits’ hard work really pays off. Instagram amplifies a step-by-step performance to your personal or brand story and highlights the basic to betterment actualizations and factors via caption, hashtags and other prerequisite descriptions integrated on your Instagram posts. The following content plays a crucial role:

  • Illustrated content with synchronized link-to-link backings.
  • Organized image sharing with mind-intrigue connections – Adidas shoes with rugged environment, tropical juices with exotic beach resorts, and so on.
  • Keeping your grid feed tidy with popular picture arrangement themes – color patterns, crisscross, vertical, stairs, zigzag, etc.

Furthermore, content is always based on core quality and Instagram nails it to share the best available out there. The popular picture app plays a ‘No trickery’ policy when it comes to give you searchable/navigable (geo-tagged) content.  

Instagram endorses Visuals more than Videos

This is so true and you guys should know that the Facebook’s biggest subsidiary sometimes feel like a futuristic standalone social media environment. One of the best features that might be rigid for most of the people out there yet has a compelling plotting to it. It’s the static visual folks. Yep! You heard that right. A whooping 95 million photos are shared on Buy Real Instagram Followers daily and to astound you off of your feet, over 40 billion visuals and videos have been shared on Instagram since its inception. Positively, about 80% of their content is based on more image posts than videos.

Instagram just got Broadcasting Bigger with IGTV

Instagram has just got its “brandish upkeep” title with some amazing on-air screening breakthrough. The introduction of the very first online television phenomenon on social media left spectators stunned. The intensely debated vertical video uploading was revitalized with IGTV and it was made an in-mode standard for Instagram’s super subsidiary app. Undeniably, with the devoted twofold conformations, Instagram has clinched on high hopes for marketers to make double deal effects with this all-inclusive business SM solutions’ efficaciously nurturing single user products to big brands. Instagram has taken a step-forward to create an inevitable ‘obsolete snare’ towards other social media platforms.

Developing Marketing strategies in-sync with Stats

Strategizing on Instagram isn’t a piece of cake when you want your brand selling at flourishing flash speeds. You have to look out for topmost priorities in accordance with the stats’ scores of Instagram. Such as:

  • The largest populace of Instagram consists of users aged between 18-24 years of age i.e. fashionable brands, sports brands, food experts, etc., deliver exclusive marketing patterns for youngsters.
  • Over 80% of Instagram users follow a business i.e. marketers predict a generous investing future on Instagram when the newest generation of people is too much into it.
  • About 50-55% of users check out there Instagram accounts daily. Hence, businesses can really gain an online pull towards their E-commerce endeavors.

Similarly, there are hundreds and thousands of Instagram stats that marketers could use to gain insights to predict their resourceful work outcomes with precise measures.

Instagram is holistically Picturesque endorsed

The photo-sharing app animates photos whether they’re commemorated visuals, GIF images, family friend photos, awe-inspiring sceneries, and naturally true toned visuals turned artistically superlative with virtual palette settlements. To make it more detailed bracing, Instagram delivers utmost ‘content quality’ validations for photos that eventually creates a milestone for the uploader. Hence, creating signature posts of users and disseminating them as themes, trends, hashtags, geo-tags, viral posts doses on its trendsetter searchable bar as well as on the main screen popular present times feed.  

Instagram interconnects popular relatable #Hashtags

One of the biggest impacts that the photo-sharing giant has rolled out for marketers is its multi-layered hashtag endorse. Instagram takes a bigger and broader step to display picture content with similar Google search engine trends, but keeps visuals instead of websites under its UI banner. Such examples include:

  1. #TrueLove #CoupleGoals #DearHusband #LovingWife #RelationshipGoals #PreciousGifts
  2. #Footwear #SturdyShoes #PumaPower #TreadStrong
  3. #LeatherJackets #Madetolast #Giftsforhim #Giftsforher

Moreover, Instagram creates a productive funnel for buyers and marketers alike to check out what are the hot cakes’ selling big scores, top people picks, fashion trends, and so on.

Hashtags work great with Product branding Strategies

Instagram pitches the perfect ball delivery from one end and gets a pitch-perfect hit over the pitch for a home run on the other side as well. Instagram knows how to pull off execution in the most practical manner. This a great deal especially when it comes lay person like me to catch up with a brand with my vistas and voice (you need to be absolutely passionate as an Instagram pic-post aficionado). #Hashtags keep shaping up according to post picks and parcels as well as persuasive/prevailing trends.

Users on Instagram make it easier for themselves and others as well to get a good image fortune out of Instagram via hashtag linkage networks. For example:

#MyShoes #Adidas #FootwearGeek #SportsShoes

#MyMorningPower #Coffee #CoffeeatStarbucks #BaristaatStarbucks

Instagram Tools are marketers trade Treasure

True Story! The photo genius social media has a lot to give deliver when it comes to boost up your business endeavor performances. In order to keep up with the Insta-sharing spirits, it offers a lot of Igers concerns with embracing exclusive post-particularizing add-ons. Some of the following are the most utilized Instagram tools:

  • VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Pixlr, Aviary, etc.
  • ScheduGram, TakeOff, ViralTag, Later, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Canva, Woobox, Linktree, etc.

Instagram gains the most Teen Audience

Instagram’s grabs on the most favorable traffic age wise. According to the demographic surveys, 18 to 29 year olds is its major audience capture, and this is all due to the increasing smartphone popularity. Urban areas are the most affected ones when it comes to the everyday Instagram clicks and share routines. These areas account for about 32-35% of the total users on the most fascinated photo-sharing app. Other demographic reads show: 28% suburban, 22% rural and countrysides and almost 60-70% proportional scores in busy metropolitans.

Remember, that teenagers are now investing more time on Instagram with their lifestyle routines and changes. Besides, teens are starting businesses more successfully than adults on all SM platforms, particularly on Instagram.