10 Overlooked B2B Content Strategies That Generate You Leads

Over the years, Internet marketing has evolved and content marketing has become more effective than ever. Simply put, strategic content represents the soul of B2B lead generation owing to its result-driving capabilities within a given timeframe.

90% of the B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads, many often overlook the most effective strategies – strategies that can shoot up your lead generation by the motherload. And out of that 90% we just mentioned, only 29% report their content marketing strategy as effective. That’s something worth pondering.

And because more and more customers can now control the type of marketing messages they will receive, doing B2B makes complete sense.

What’s more, when you produce and promote problem-solving content regularly, it blossoms your business in the long-run.

Speaking of blossoming business, effective marketing and sales strategies include a wide-ranging content tactics. Although the average content strategy involves 8 tactics, the most common tactics require new written content.

While video and audio content are vanity for business, they aren’t a must-have.

In this guide, we’ll go over 10 overlooked B2B content strategies to help you generate leads.

Let’s get started:

1. Play It Smart – Repurpose Your Old Content

While there’s nothing wrong with producing ‘new’ content for your business, they do take plenty of effort and time to plan, research, write, edit, and review the effectiveness.

Want more results from your existing content? Go ahead and repurpose the old pieces bringing you leads. Think e-Books and whitepapers.

Text, image, audio, and video – play around in these formats.

AGAIN – don’t just repurpose any content you can find – pick the ones that brought you results in the past.

2. Double And Triple Down On Storytelling

Being professional in the B2B industry helps, but being too strict isn’t the right approach.

Write understandable content – don’t use jargons, write with clarity, don’t leave ambiguity, don’t use longer words when shorter ones would do. Being professional + user-friendly is the game.

Stories work incredibly well to grab and keep the attention of your readers – helping you to engage your prospects into wanting your product/service.

Here’s a ‘story’ on how effective stories are:

A journalist named Rob Walker made a group of writers craft powerful, emotionally-resonating stories about garbage thrift items.

He added the stories and put them on eBay. Guess what happened….

Unwanted items worth $128 liquidated for $3,612.51. That’s a whopping 2700% return on investment.

This data ^ alone should get you moving and starting with stories.

While that’s well and good, you may be wondering, ‘But I don’t have any stories to tell’.

Not true. Spend some time and think out the challenges and hardships you went through. Did you have to make massive sacrifices? Any failures? Big joys?

And if you still find yourself struggling with storytelling, consider hiring an expert to help.

3. Craft an e-Book

According to data, US is expected to hit 112 million e-Book readers by 2020.

This means the market will be huge and they will generate leads effectively.

Using your e-Book as a lead magnet is a smart approach. It can help you capture leads, grow relationships, increase authority and even make sales.

You can add the e-Book at the sidebar – however, creating an explicit landing page is well worth it. A landing page for e-Book should contain:

  • An attention-jabbing headline
  • An exciting sub-heading
  • No navigation menu or footer
  • Top quality images (including the images of the e-Book)
  • A brief description of the eBook
  • A list of benefits
  • Lead capturing form
  • Call to action

Screenshot this ^ and use as a checklist – should come handy.

4. Make Use of B2B Podcasts

Are podcasts effective?

YES.  But don’t take my word for it.

According to data: 44% of senior decision-makers on LinkedIn report that they take time out to listen to podcasts, especially when they need to compare products or services.

B2B podcasts are excellent to get your name beside the industry leaders. In this process, prospecting is the main part and generating warm leads is the goal.

Such podcasts save you from sounding sale-sy and also generate warm leads.

It increases engagement and awareness. Increases your connections in the industry. On top of that, helps you build a contact list for email marketing.

You can also use podcasts as blog posts – just as Ray Edwards does:

You can publish the transcript as a blog post – with or without editing.

5. Give Your Audience Whitepapers And Guides

While whitepapers may seem old-fashioned, marketers still use them because they generate leads.

According to Content Marketing Institute:

White papers still matter

Here is how you should craft your whitepaper to generate leads effectively:

  • Use power words alongside clear message on the topic
  • Go super deep in the process as that’s what whitepapers are about
  • Don’t focus on selling – focus on being helpful – always go the extra mile

Whitepapers serve as the backbone of your content. It’s the cause why you engage & communicate about the unique value you provide.

6. Focus On Case Studies

Case studies are in-depth problem-solving journeys of customers regarding products or services. They grab you by the hand and walk you through the entire process.

While many marketers shy away from case studies, they are very effective to turn plain readers into open-wallet buyers.

According to research:

Case studies are the 3rd most-effective B2B content marketing tactic

Here’s how you weave together a killer case study that generates leads:

  • Project the story of someone your customers can relate to
  • Deliver the story A-to-Z
  • Use headers, images, bullet pints, bolded and italicized text to keep the formatting fresh
  • Diversify your case study – the audio, video and image game

Lastly, don’t forget to showcase your case studies. Sidebar, header, be everywhere – remember, they ramp up sales.

7. Embrace the Power of Videos

While Instagram and Facebook are flooded with videos, not many B2B marketers are using it – meaning the competition is low. Such low competition may just be why you want to jump of the bandwagon and make the most of it.

First, you need to understand what sort of videos will work for your brand and audience. You can craft videos on many topics – tutorials, interviews, guides, Q&A’s, and whatnot. So a bit of testing is what you need to do.

8. Make Friends with Webinars

Webinars do an amazing job of producing warm, targeted prospects. Similar to e-Books, the success of webinars is dictated by the value it offers.

Only when your webinar will sweep your audience off their feet, people would give you their personal information. But don’t get too comfy – you will have to provide the participants hands-on training, case studies, and genuine value.

Wanting to generate leads through a webinar? Shoot them qualifying questions on the webinar sign-up page and see go through what they are wanting from you. You can ask questions to understand their interest, or, to know where they are at in the sales cycle.

9. Hold Real-life Events

Real-life events are a big no-no for many companies.

First, it’s intimidating. Second, they cost you.

With that said, real life events bridge the gap between the online and offline work. They are crucial for your content marketing strategy.

Such events give you the chance to explore and learn about your audience that you can’t do in any other form. Social media comments and email questionnaires fail miserably comparing to real-life events.

I seriously urge you to check out this guide to learn more about hosting meet-ups.

10. Living and Breathing Metrics

Keeping track of metrics requires plenty of experimenting.

If you want me to cut out the sugarcoat – YOU WILL FAIL A TON OF TIMES.

Even after preparing a good bit – you can’t tell if the content would be effective without testing out. That’s when metrics come in.

You can get around the initial problems by eliminating assumptions and relying on facts.

But when you’re actually experimenting, you need to be smart about it, therefore, need to swear by metrics.

When you track metrics, you get 2 main benefits.

  • You avoid repeating mistakes
  • You create audience-focused content

And these 2 ^ are the essence of growth in the marketing world.

While metrics may not seem crucial at first, but over the course of time, all the bits and crumbs that seemingly have no impact add up and the content marketing outcome grow much stronger.

Now It’s Your Turn

Don’t let your content go unnoticed and ineffective. Try implementing one or multiple of these B2B content strategies and watch your lead generation go up.