10 Ways To Boost Your Personal Brand

If you’re just entering the workforce or you’re trying to make your way into a new industry, you’re at a crucial point in your life where forming and maintaining, and boosting a personal brand is key. Going the extra step to establish your presence online, attract a following and develop a presence in your field is extremely valuable.

Not sure how or where to start? Try completing one of these tasks every day for 10 days!

1. Lock it down

Know where your killer content can be posted and lock it down! Purchase a domain for your name and secure all social media outlets for yourself. The last thing you want is to have an abundance of valuable information and nowhere to put it. Once you’ve started up your accounts and fully packed your profiles, you can begin to post and share content online.

A personal brand is no longer something for celebrities or companies. Every one of us has our own personal brand, and we have the power to make it stand out. Take these 10 steps to boost your personal branding and make your mark in your industry.

2. Follow 10+ leaders in your industry

By following or subscribing to leaders in your industry, you’ll stay up to date with their content as well as other content that they find valuable. Twitter and LinkedIn are the perfect platforms for finding your industry’s big guns and keeping up with the news.

3. Segment your Twitter followers into lists

Avoid getting lost in your Twitter news feed by creating lists for the industries you follow. By setting up lists, you can easily stay connected and up to date with the right individuals and read the right content.

4. Develop your profile bios

Make sure you have a descriptive bio for all of your social media accounts. You can vary it slightly on each account, but be sure to keep the main details consistent. The point here is to connect with followers, not turn them off.

5. Consider your audiences’ time

To ensure your content is read and to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, you must understand your audience and consider their schedule. Determine which times of day your followers read content and post during those times.

6. Get automated

Your free time during the day may not coincide with when your audience is reading content. To combat this problem, use helpful automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and IFTTT. Be cautious though: automated responses are obvious and a real turn off to followers. Take the time to personalize your posts and make it feel like you are posting in real time, not like a robot.

7. Join LinkedIn groups and start conversations

LinkedIn groups offer a great way to not only build credibility but also make new connections in your field. Connecting with a growing community increases your odds of linking up with like-minded people and creates an opportunity for those who are extremely passionate about a topic to feed off one another.

8. Post comments on blogs online about your field

Posting thought-provoking comments, answering questions or even posting your own questions can establish your credibility on a topic and help you form relationships online. When reading industry blogs, it’s common that industry prospects are reading the same content you are. Use this to your advantage and set aside time to comment at least once a week.

9. Start your own blog or about.me page

Your Twitter and Facebook pages might not always do the trick for allowing followers to connect with you. Creating an about.me page or your own personalized blog can serve as hub for all of your social media profiles. Use this as the URL for the homepage/bio field anywhere you register an account to direct admirers of your content to learn more about you.

10. Know yourself

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is the foundation of creating and boosting your personal brand. Recognizing areas where you succeed and where you struggle can help you craft a strategy on what to create and post.

A personal brand is no longer something for celebrities or companies. Every one of us has our own personal brand, and we have the power to make it stand out. Take these 10 steps to begin your journey of personal branding and make your mark in your industry.

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