11 Content Marketing Tips to Make You Win

While browsing the internet, I was introduced to a lot of content and conversation programs.I read the ideas of some amazing Content Marketing professionals who have shared their insights and experiences.

Since, I believe in learning by collaboration, I raked up some of my learning from these blog posts with my actual experience.

There is a lot to learn as you try to scale up your blog, and it is not going to be easy. What I have done in this post is to validate my experience and learnings with the opinions and learnings of other experts from the Content Marketing Industry.

Following this guide will be enough to get your Content Marketing Strategy to start showing incredible ROI.

1.  Explain ‘How Search Results Work’ to Your Writers

The manner in which you frame the content, determines the kind of search results it will yield, says Matthew Brown, Content Strategy for Publishers.

It is useful to give writers a perspective on the type of results pages that are going to be useful to a specific theme rather than relying on keyword tools and sorting through voluminous information.

As content creators start learning to distinguish between various types of results Google gives for a search, they develop a sense of how best to  adapt their content to higher natural rankings.

Instead of letting his writers build their piece around featured snippets or answer box data, he would tell his team, “Let’s look at what Google is doing today and how it changes how you view a topic.”

2.  How Panda Survey Helps?

Tom Critchlow of Enterprise Content Marketing finds that the Panda survey is, after all this time, still useful for verifying a website’s effectiveness and that it can be applied to small sample groups.

When he used it recently for a client with three websites and one big rival, he was able to represent the responses on a graph which revealed that users had quantifiably higher trust levels for their competitor.

The numbers convinced the client of the need to strengthen its brand perception by users.

This method gives the client a concrete basis for actionable strategy, rather than good advice which is unsubstantiated by data.

3.  Lengthy Videos Can Be Given a Miss

According to Brian Dean, YouTube SEO, “The big thing about YouTube or any platform, you want to be the exception, not the rule.”

Current trends favour short videos but bucking the trend to make longer ones is debatable. Longer videos, though easier to make, need technical expertise and even so, retaining viewers for a longer duration is challenging.

4.  Looking Beyond Comparisons

Referring to the endless rounds of PPC proposals garnering, Jonathan Dane, Content Marketing for Agencies says, “The downside of PPC, especially on Google Search, is that it’s a comparison engine.”

According to him, such comparison channels are a drain on the process of enterprise building and thought leadership.

He prefers working on the next new step of the business strategy and believes conferences offer far better opportunities than PPC for his own business.

5.  Keep It Relevant

Britney Muller, In-House Content Marketing, reiterates the value of knowing which content has relevance and advises against ‘reinventing the wheel.’

He illustrates this by pointing out how the excellent quality of Siege Media’s video series, thumbnails, impactful fonts, and colours made them a success on YouTube.

What is important is to examine the nature of the content that exists and look at ways for making it more exciting using audio and/or video.

6.  Keep Your Content Fresh

Cyrus Shepard, Google Ranking Factors, finds that many people resort to merely changing dates on their posts in the name of updating.

Instead, they must regularly revise their content to keep their pages updated. This is where a content writing service can help businesses. There is significance to every part of the page that is updated; the same goes for links provided in it.

Consistently revising and/or updating pages helps retain the freshness of the content and indicates continued interest in maintaining them.

7.  Lead the Search With the Problem

Kevin Indig, Startup Content Marketing believes that keyword research focuses more on solution type queries and that changing tack by leading with the problem is much more efficient.

He gives an analogy of bad breath as a problem to a company that makes toothbrushes. In terms of keyword research, those dots may not get easily connected. But when considered in reverse, it is logical.

This strategy allows you to word your searches more creatively and be rewarded with hitherto unknown, even inspiring findings, which can then be converted into new content.

8.  Tap Sources of Inspiration

According to Rand Fishkin, “This is a more difficult technique to implement” for those who wish to route their brand building through content and links.

He recalls Burger King’s ad copy on net neutrality sending the internet into a tizzy, which indicated a sizeable populace with that mindset.

Observing the rise in engagement with social and political issues, he recommends the websites Memeorandum and Twitter to gauge the trends for potential content.

9.  Separate the Analysts and Content Marketers

According to Ashley Ward, Content Analytics, it is imperative to have a dedicated team of analysts. For them, visualizing data as stories comes naturally.

However, from a content marketer’s perspective, that correspondence does not always lend itself to content creation.

Medium to large enterprises are particularly prone to the presence of analysts and their exposure to all that is produced.  For this reason, she prefers analytics to be separated from content marketers.

10.  Never Mind the Yoast SEO Greenlight

Joel Klettke, SEO Copywriting, would like nothing better than to eradicate the notion that getting that green bullet on Yoast SEO is the raison d’être of all content.

He shares the concerns of copywriters who are required to revise their content because of some SEOs’ extreme reliance on this metric.

In his opinion, it must be done away with, as it is not an accurate measure of the quality of content created by a writer and the use of focus keywords in it.

11. The More Your Brand is Mentioned…

Sujan Patel, B2B Content Marketing, firmly believes in the power of brand mentions as against link building.

It is fundamental to his strategy and receives the bulk of his efforts, be it on links or otherwise.

It is a dependable indicator for him, of the potential for new relationships and business prospects that can be taken up.

The resultant increase in the number of relationships, or the volume of content published, reinforces the success of that strategy.

Over to You

These are the killer tactics that you must consider to make your Content Marketing work. If some of these tactics are difficult for you or your team to adopt, how about learning Digital Marketing step by step through a course?

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