2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

digital marketing trends

The new year is now upon us. Marketers near and wide are looking to the horizon and adjusting their digital marketing strategies for a successful 2018. Every time a new year becomes a reality, the trend in just about every industry is to ask…

What Strategies and Digital MarketingTrends Will Prove Successful?

Digital marketing is no different, and with that here are 4 digital marketing trends to look out for this year.

1. Micro Moments

Sounds cute, but what are micro-moments? Micro moments as defined by Google is basically anything that happens while using a device. The digital marketing trend of micro moments are important because somewhere during these moments, buying decisions are being made, either consciously or sub consciously. Positioning yourself within these moments is vital to any marketing directive.

Anytime someone uses their phone, tablet or internet connected device without thought, they are filling a need to discover something. Whether this happens out of boredom or pure thought the moment is there to capture a lead or answer a question.

Mobile technology has improved so much that we have become reliant on using this tech to address our inner needs. From answering questions about special honeymoon spots, or average rainfall in a particular location, these moments are formed by human curiosity.

In digital marketing, being at the right place at the right time is key. There are multiple ways to do so, but the first step is anticipating the needs of your typical customer. What is the average customer asking and wanting to know? Creating content just for them is important and developing sound personas for whom your typical customer is, will help this strategy unfold.

Voice search SEO plays into this hand as well. It is said that voice search comprises around 22% of all searches and this is growing. For short, voice search SEO will use content directly related to the persona of the ideal customer and answer questions in a tone and vernacular of this persona based around “longer” conversational long tailed keywords. A basic, but sound approach.

2. Ad Blocking Software

It is said that millennials use ad blocking technology while surfing the web. In fact, 63% do so. The good news is they do however spend a lot of time on social media compared to that of previous generations.

Knowing how effective ads are on a certain demographic is power. Monitoring your ads is vital and knowing the habits of your audience is important. If say, the demographics you are after falls in line with millennial traffic altering your strategies might be wise. Look heavily towards influencer marketing and social media to bridge the gap. Create more inbound methods and consistently analyze and adjust to reach your audience.

3. SEO is a moving target

Digital marketing trends and habits should change along with SEO. Google’s approach is to serve the best content based on the intent of the searcher. Google has shifted away from core keywords to a longer tailed approach. This is due to several factors. The main factors being that Google is now sorting through millions of new and never before search queries. This has a lot to do with voice search behavior and its extreme growth. By the year 2020, voice search will comprise of over 50% of all searches on the internet.

Introducing Rank Brain, Google’s AI machine learning algorithm, it is designed to handle these searches based on multiple factors. The main factor is said to revolve around user intent and demographics local to that user. In a nutshell, Rank Brain takes these long tailed keywords on steroids and tries to figure out what they mean. Based on the meaning it serves up what it thinks is best for the person searching.

Moving forward marketers and SEO’s are starting to focus more on qualified leads and less on search traffic. Long tailed traffic simply gets better conversions.

4. Content Marketing

As Google gears itself to serve results based on user intent, finding exactly what someone wants, when they want it, there will be a huge emphasis on great content. Designing content to interact with those micro moments and get those answers in front of viewers who have a question is paramount.

Micro moments can happen anywhere on the internet. From social media, forums, websites and more, in order to answer these questions content must exist. As platforms grow and new ones are added to the web every day, filling the gaps with content is vital.

The need to market great content is not going anywhere. Content is not just for your site, but content can be shared a number of different ways. Ask to do guest posts, post on social media, send out a newsletter. Whatever it is, put a good content marketing strategy in place. Know where your audience is and make sure they get the message.

Now What?

Marketing can be tricky, but the core fundamentals will always be the same.

      • Know who your customer is
      • Know where to find your customer
      • Know how to respond to your customer’s questions with a solution that fits

At the end of the day, getting more qualified leads is what digital marketing is all about. We are in the business of addressing questions with the best answers to ultimately bring in revenue. Through thorough understanding of industry trends we can capitalize on being in the right place at the right time.

Don’t get left behind.