3 Content Distribution Techniques You Need to Try in 2016

It has become a bit of a habit—looking to marketing expert Mark Schaefer to determine how to stay relevant each year. First, it was content shock, then content ignition. For 2016, he writes, “Information density is by far the most important trend in marketing today … and in the foreseeable future.”

The message? “If you are only focusing on producing content, you’re already behind.” So important, he put it in italics!

In other words, quality content is still incredibly important for content marketing success, but distributing that content to the appropriate audiences at the appropriate times and on the appropriate channels is the only way to break through the dense amount of information produced every day.

Let’s look at three content distribution techniques you should consider using in 2016 to ignite your content.

Social Media Advertising

Marketers have learned (sometimes the hard way) that social media is no longer a free platform to blast your marketing messages. In fact, brand visibility has dropped dramatically: Facebook pages organically reach only 16 percent of their fans on average. Facebook advises brands to sponsor posts “to make sure your fans see your stories.

According to the 2015 State of Search Industry Report produced by SEMPO and Search Engine Land, 57 percent of marketers and 65 percent of agencies have started using social media advertising—a tactic not even considered in 2013.

social media tacticsWithout a budget for social media marketing, the odds of spreading your content marketing efforts across the web are slim. To get started, begin with the one channel you are most likely to reach your audience on and a minimal weekly budget. Analyze your efforts to see what works, then build from there.

Retargeting Website Visitors

With so many channels and avenues to distract marketers, it is easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole. Retargeting allows you to reach your visitors across multiple channels at once, and with one budget.

This online advertising method is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion. So when someone visits your site and does not convert or make a purchase, you can put your content in front of them again (and again) as they move around the Internet.

Retargeting software, such as Perfect Audience, brings many benefits to the distribution table: worthwhile segmentation, easy ad campaign updates and necessary cross-channel deployment. The system currently enables traditional banner retargeting, combined with Facebook and Twitter retargeting. It also offers fast, no-nonsense campaign approvals.

perfect audience retargetingBut there are several retargeting platforms to choose from. Review the options and decide which retargeting platform is best for you.

Influencer Marketing

Relevance was able to build an audience of more than 50,000 subscribers in a short amount of time by creating quality content for a niche topic, then distributing that content via several techniques. One of the most successful tactics was influencer marketing.

The new publication had a full-time recruiter whose job was to find writers and experts in the field who had a pre-existing audience of their own. By having them create content for Relevance.com, it guaranteed new audiences for Relevance. As VP of Audience Chad Pollitt explains, “Every contributor, and the brands they represent, have a vested interest in seeing their content succeed. Therefore, most of them promote what they’ve written to their audiences in a variety of ways.”

Consider the most relevant influencers in your niche, then invite them to contribute to your blog. And in return, offer to contribute high-quality content to theirs. By sharing audiences, prospects in your industry receive helpful information and are exposed to your content from a source they already trust.

Utilizing old standards and new digital techniques, you can ensure your content is distributed far and wide across the web, igniting your content strategy and overcoming information density. What content distribution techniques are you excited to try in 2016?