3 Content Trends to Be Aware of in 2018

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Content has always been king, but that is true now more than ever. Content is becoming one of the most essential aspects to businesses of all varieties. The digital age of information craves content in form of social media, blogs and ads. This trend will only become more prevalent as industries progress and change with the demand of consumers. There are a few trends that do stick out more than others.

Outsourcing Writing

An increase in companies turning towards outsourced writers is one of the prevalent trends leading in content development in 2018. Businesses and individuals realize that expert writers can be found all over the world, so why not outsource writing to the experts? This trend is prevalent because of the amount of time it saves.

The trend exists within the realm of a variety of content categories. If you need quality content quickly, then look into an essay writing service. Writers working for companies like this are quick writers and editors with the ability to adapt to whatever project is thrown their way. This is even more efficient than hiring a staff writer or taking hours and hours to write something yourself.

People are doing this for digital marketing and SEO optimization as well across the board. Companies want quality content that links internally, so they are hiring quality writers from various agencies etc.

Video Content is Taking Over

Not only is blogging getting more important, but video is as well. In this age of social media, people want to scroll through and watch a short video, then continue to scroll. People are more likely to pause on social media when there is an engaging video to view. We can see an increase across the board in the amount of companies providing videos on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

With that being said, more multimedia journalists and content producers are making these videos. There are also more apps and websites being developed that allow videos to be made quickly. The efficiency of content creation is the umbrella trend that is driving this industry in 2018. Content makers are getting smarter and more innovative, especially with technology advancements.

Increase in the Variety of Content

Companies and individuals are all trying to be well-rounded in the content they are producing. This is mainly because everyone is mostly beginning to market towards millennials who are constantly consuming such a wide variety of content. This is bringing businesses to get more creative in the content they are producing and marketing with. An example is Home Depot. Home Depot has ads that are being played on Soundcloud. This is a way the company is branching out to try to speak to a younger audience that might not know what store to head to when looking to fix a broken pipe, etc. This is a creative way that this company is branching out. Other companies seem to be following suit.

A content trend that is seeming to catch the eye of millennials is aggressive tweeting. Companies like Wendy’s aren’t following the polite suit of responding to customers nicely on social media. Instead, they are tweeting insults and comedic phrases. This is a smart way to give the brand some personality. We will see an increase in more companies thinking outside of the box like this in 2018.

Content creation and aggregation is rapidly developing and becoming more competitive. The best way to stay ahead is by thinking one step ahead and outside the box.

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