3 Ways Getting an SSL Certificates Benefits Your SEO Strategy

Do you want to increase your site traffic? It can be done if you make a few necessary changes. Speaking of changes, have you considered getting an SSL certificate?

Getting the HTTPS certificate is a sure way to boost your website. If you don’t believe us, read the following:

1. HTTPS as a Search Ranking Signal

When you invest in SSL Certification, you have to configure your whole site for the HTTPS instead of a few components that require data security. Doing so helps you protect your user’s privacy as you block third parties from seeing what page they visit.

It should be noted that only the pages that have HTTPs get credited for the extra security, not your whole site.

2. How HTTPS Affect SEO?

SSL Certificates do have an impact on your website’s SEO. If you want to improve your website’s ranking, traffic, and conversions, you need HTTPS instead of HTTP. Don’t believe us? Let us prove our point with the following evidence:

  • Conversions

User trust secure connections. This is a fact people tend to leave their shopping cart if they see the website, they are buying from is not secured. The lack of SSL certificate implies their data can be misused or intercepted.

Believe it or not, SSL and SEO go in hand to hand. If someone shows up at your online store and voice their concern, you need to alleviate their concern. It will help you create a loyal client and more importantly, a fan. It is imperative that you make your customers feel safe.

  • Ranking

Google introduced an Update in 2014 which updated every algorithm to favor SSL Certificates. This was a lightweight component of the ranking algorithm,and HTTPS sites only enjoyed a minor boost. However, Google indicated it would continue to reward sites that use this security certification.

Later year, Google stated the HTTPS ranking serves as a tie breaker if quality signals for two different search results equal If your website is on par with its competitors in term of everything including speed, title tags, content quality, etc. But if you have SSL certificate and they don’t, Google will favor you.

Unfortunately, less than 1% websites are secure but surprisingly 40% of Google’s page one organic search results show SSL certificate website.

  • Traffic

Better Rankings reward traffic.This indicates when the userlooks at search results, secure sites are a signal of trust and authority and click the website over non-secured sites. It helps to improve your website’s click-through rate.

3. Browsers will Notify Your Audience

Browsers are starting to make it obvious if a website isn’t secured. The URL bar of a website will show the difference. HTTP means the website is not secured; HTTPS shows the website is secured. Browsers like Chrome makes this difference more noticeable as it highlights the HTTP with a Red Trainable and HTTPs in Green. We expect to see this development real soon.

Other browsers will introduce their warning system to show HTTP pages or websites are not secured.

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