3 Ways To Prep For Promoted Pins on Pinterest

On September 19, 2013, Pinterest announced that it would soon launch promoted Pins on its site. Marketers everywhere rejoiced. Whether you are a marketing noob or expert, marketers everywhere knew this play was huge. But why?

In a report launched by Shareaholic, numbers showed that Pinterest drives the second largest percentage of referral traffic, just behind Facebook.

Facebook is a major player when it comes to digital media promotion to customers, and Twitter recently jumped on board to offer Promoted Tweets and hashtags in an effort to drive more marketing dollars its way. With the launch of promoted Pins, we see the last of the three biggest social sites open up its doors to targeted visual media. Businesses will be able to promote blog posts, infographics and pictures to their target markets on the site that drives the most purchase conversions.

So, how do marketers prepare? Follow these three tips to be ready for the launch of what’s sure to be a game changer in online advertising.

1. Start Pinning

If you’re company isn’t already on Pinterest, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Pinterest has over 70 million active users and 5 million article pins daily. A company without an account could miss out on a giant marketplace of potential customers. Set up an account with your company name and your business categories, and make sure your page carries the same message as the rest of your social media accounts.

Invite followers from your other social networks to follow your page and encourage them to start pinning. Consider creating a Group board where your loyal fans can pin articles and blogs that relate to your business, products and services. Allowing fans to interact on your page will encourage more sharing and build a positive brand reputation.

2. Create Targeted Boards

Marketing is all about reaching your target audience, and Pinterest presents the opportunity to deliver tailored messages to your perfect consumer. The ability to categorize different boards into categories allows users to follow boards that pertain to them and ignore pins that don’t meet their interests. Build boards that appeal to each of your customer demographics.

B2B companies have the ability to build boards for their services like Marketing, Public Relations, Infographics and even general interests; while B2C customers can tailor their boards to their products categories. Your fans can follow boards they find interesting or follow your entire company to see all of the pins you add to the board. Setting up targeted boards to your business categories and building followers will ensure that promoted pins will hit the right audience.


3. Be Social

Once you have a solid footing on your account, start following others and sharing their pins. Building a following on a social site means you are building a community of loyal fans who want to have a relationship with you. Create a larger following by interacting with the community that trusts you as a brand. Make sure the pins you are sharing fit into your board categories and that they’re worth reading.

Pinterest powerhouses like Real Simple have their boards broken down to the most granular of categories, ensuring that the information they share with their followers is perfectly targeted. They share their pins across different platforms and are willing to share pins outside of their own content. Don’t be afraid to share relevant content that your followers might enjoy, it shows a commitment to captivating your audience and not just serving your own marketing needs.

Following these three tips will help set up your brand for promoted pin success. With an active Pinterest account, your brand will have the perfect footing to create visually rich ads in the form of promoted pins.

Image credit: Shareaholic.com