3 Ways To Create Marketing Magic In 2018

Your 2018 will be filled with milestones when you learn new ways to engage your audience.

When you figure out how to build your brand, get your message across and create new ways to reach people, you’ll see an increase in sales and overall reach.

However, you need to put your strategies together in a way that gets you results, better search engine optimization and more meaningful interactions with your customers.

Take a look at these tips so that you can win big and solidify your brand. 

Get A Good DSLR Camera And Use It 

Video is where it’s at currently, since this content is used and effective for close to 90% of marketers, and there are more than a billion users on YouTube.

Statistics aside, video provides a friendly face to your content, which creates opportunities for engagement and branding. To get the best quality video content, consider investing in a DSLR camera.

These cameras produce some of the highest quality video and allow you to take sharp still images. Some great examples of affordable cameras that you can put money into the Canon t3i and the Nikon D750.

Make sure to try out a few models in order to get a handle for how to shoot and which can deliver the video quality that you need. You’ll want to be active in using it, whether that means posting snippets to social media or creating a YouTube vlog. 

Automate And Grow Your Reach 

Automation brings you serious rewards when you use it to your advantage.

With 49% of marketing companies jumping on board and using automated marketing, and more than 90% of such companies recognizing the value of it, now is the time for you to take advantage.

You can get the word out to your public by reaching their smartphones. This helps you to send out messages related to pertinent information, new promotions, and any other marketing message that you see fit.

Embracing SMS marketing lets you reach more people, since 76 percent of people surveyed claim that they’ll answer messages sooner when it comes in the form of a text, as opposed to an e-mail or other message.

Even if your marketing budget is tight, you would do well to invest in these types of services, since they allow you to work smarter, rather than harder. Take a look at your own marketing efforts in order to see if this is something that you’d like to add in order to improve your engagement.  

Make Your Social Media Count 

Rather than simply creating a social media account, create a social media presence through diligence and staying on top of your communication.

For instance, take time out to have real conversations with your customers to see how you can serve them better. Take the next step that other companies don’t, and actually make sure that you deliver once you get that information.

Treat your social media presence as an extension of your work ethic and customer service and you’ll never go wrong.

You should routinely encourage your followers and subscribers to share your content, leave positive reviews and start conversations.

Social media creates awareness in your brand and is a free marketing tool that’ll get both Google rankings and interactions with the public that give you the greatest ROI and brand equity.

Consider these points so that you’re best able to create some marketing magic this year.