3 Ways to Execute Your Company Marketing Strategy In Person

Marketing has moved toward a more digital space ever since the development of social media ads and SEO. Both of those are crucial, but that doesn’t mean companies should neglect in-person marketing strategies. Having a personal message to convey is a large part of making human connections and setting your marketing strategy apart from the strictly digital companies.

Here are some effective ways to execute in-person marketing strategies that can help establish your company as personal and successful.

Take your marketing efforts to trade shows and conferences

Conferences seem to be a no-brainer for a company, but with the rise of tech, many companies are completing most of their networking online. While that may be more convenient, you still lose something when you do this digitally. Conferences are a good idea because they give you a chance to shake hands, hand out business cards, and discuss strategy. You miss out on a lot of in-person connections when you fail to take the leap of going to trade shows and conferences.

Trade shows are a great way to set up unique trade show booths for your company. This gives people a chance to see what you are about, while also making a personal connection with you. Scan the internet for events in your area that include local vendors and make a plan to attend.

Make personal connections with clients and customers

Companies should send out personal thank you cards and Christmas gifts to clients and customers. This is a great way to maintain a personal connection and get glowing reviews. As a business, this is a nice thing to do for other companies and individuals you appreciate.

A connection also makes you stand out against competitors. It can give people the push to head online and leave a glowing review as well. This is the best way to stand out amongst competitors who have the results that come with being successful, but not the human factor. Making a company-wide initiative to prioritize hand-written thank you notes and personalized gifts is an easy way to set the precedent for politeness and gratitude. This also makes employees feel better about the message behind the company they work for!

Start a blog for your company that includes in-person interviews

Another way to stand out and personalize your company is to create a blog. Blogs are great excuse to meet with members in your field. You can cite them and interview them in a Q&A on a blog to make them feel a more personal connection and to give your company some life. Interviewing people in person is another way to network and establish a relationship with individuals who do the same thing as you! It gives your company a chance to branch out and make connections that wouldn’t otherwise be made.

It also shows that you are taking time out of your day to do something creative that highlights another company or person. This reflects positively on you and gives you more means to expand and be a company people want to be featured by.

If your company is looking for a way to become more personalized and revolutionary in a predominantly digital world, take these initiatives. It comes across as refreshing and enviable in any field. You can never go wrong with personality and in-person meetings that show the eagerness and positivity which is so integral to your brand.