3 Ways to Grow Your Business on Facebook

For local business owners, Facebook is one of the most popular networks for growing their businesses. Most of the world is on it these days, and they know they can engage with their favourite businesses there, which is exactly what the business owners want. There are lots of ways you can grow your business on Facebook, but the following three can move you up the ranks quickly and effectively:

1. Provide excellent customer service and communications

People spend so much time on social media these days, and they know that any self-respecting business does the same… if it wants to engage with more potential customers. That’s why people will often choose to message you through your Facebook page rather than your website, and woe betide you if you don’t respond!

This means you’ll need a regular online presence, whether it’s you or a team that handles it. You need to be available to regularly converse with your customers and answer enquiries. Facebook will also display a badge telling people how quickly you respond… just to keep you on your toes!

Your customers will respond to you with loyalty, if you do it right. They may even be happy to invite friends to your page, or share your posts, which is a great way to grow your business! Speaking of messages, if you use the Facebook Messenger bots, you can even send out offers and info to your customers with minimal effort.

2. Be an awesome content provider

If your customers know that they can find inspiring and relevant information on your page, they’ll check it regularly, and again, they’ll share it. This means having an up-to-date website with great blog posts that give people something to chew over. Not only does that keep them coming back, but it attracts them to your website… where sales are waiting to happen.

It’s not only your own content that you should be sharing though. Find great tutorials, videos, anything that’s genuinely interesting – even humour, where appropriate. This way you’ll appear to have customers’ interests as a top priority, and they’ll feel that you know your stuff.

When you share content, introduce it properly. That means using one or two relevant hashtags (this expands the reach to those searching those hashtags), and inspiring visitors to engage with it. E.g. ask what they think of the subject matter, whether they have any similar stories, or have ever seen a product like this before.

3. Regularly boost posts

The fact remains that to get reasonable reach on social media, you need to pay for your ads. Boosting posts is the easiest method. It’s a simplified version of the Facebook ads interface, so you can set them up super-fast and start reeling customers in.

There are a few rules to follow though, or your ad might be taken down. Similarly, non-compliance can affect the reach, making your boost pointless. It’s best to check the boosting guides before your first post.

Here’s one example: Facebook rejects posts with images that contain lots of text. It allows only simple, clear images, so avoid sentences and infographics. A logo should be fine, but keep the wording for the body of the post. Also, ‘social rules’ dictate that people want to hear about benefits in a ‘short and sweet’ chunk of text. If they see huge blocks of text, they won’t read it.

When you’re building your post, some good tactics to adopt are:

  • Include the name of the target area (e.g. “February in London probably means…”)
  • Images: choose an attention-grabbing and relevant image, carousel, slideshow or video. Dependent on your product or service, multiple images may garner more attention. Facebook may suggest previously uploaded content, and there are sometimes customizing options you can use.
  • Choose smart objectives: decide on an objective like ‘conversions’, or ‘engagement’, and Facebook will optimise your ad. Consider adding a CTA (call-to-action) to prompt viewers to do something, like ‘learn more’ or ‘send a message’.
  • Select a relevant target audience: consider which demographics you want to reach. How old are they? Where do they live? Consider the interests that relate to your ad, and select these from drop down lists.
  • Be liberal with your budget: set a budget for a select number of days or weeks, to end on a specific date, or a lifetime budget. Obviously the less you pay, the less reach you get. Then, you’re done! Hit the boost button and you’ll soon receive confirmation – or rejection, if your ad doesn’t meet policy.

The reality is that there are many ways to grow your business on Facebook, but these are three of the best. Make them a habit and you should start to see an incline in your engagement, reach and sales in no time.

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