4 Digital Marketing Strategies that Work for B2B Companies

The digital marketing landscape isn’t just reserved for B2C companies. Indeed, many B2B businesses can make substantial gains thanks to a smart digital marketing gameplan. Of course, reaching a B2B audience online is a lot different to connecting with the “average” consumer. It requires certain levels of nuance and patience. The good news is, it is possible. To that end, here are four digital marketing strategies that are perfect for B2B companies to explore:

Long-Tail Keywords

The right keywords can do amazing things for your marketing efforts. That goes double for B2B companies. B2B businesses, unlike B2C organizations, may not have many high-volume keywords that generate a lot of traffic on search engines. This isn’t exactly a problem, though. Rather, it allows B2B companies the ability to prioritize long-tail keywords – phrases that are longer or more specific than most generic search terms. As such, B2B businesses can optimize pages for detailed terms like “airport barricades” or “organic cleaning products.” Focusing on such keywords will allow B2B companies to generate high quality leads.

Playing for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are brief paragraphs, images, or graphics that appear at the top of a search engine results page. While featured snippets may not produce a lot of visitors, they do allow B2B companies the opportunity to answer customer questions on a high-visibility platform like Google. Note, there’s no way to guarantee that any given piece of content will achieve featured-snippet status. Yet, by answering questions directly and succinctly blog posts, B2B businesses greatly increase their chances.

Social Media

Think that social media marketing is just for B2C companies? Think again. The reality is that B2B businesses can effectively reach potential clients through social media marketing and advertising. Joining pertinent groups, advertising to targeted demographics, and using social media to educate clients are all fantastic ways that B2B businesses can make inroads with social media.


B2B businesses sometimes sell obscure products or use complex processes to deliver services. In addition to creating blog posts to explain aspects of a company, B2B business leaders should also consider using videos to demonstrate the value of their operation. What’s more, using actual employees within marketing and advertising videos can act to “humanize” your brand. Doing so is especially important for B2B companies. Lastly, remember that you don’t have to produce high-quality videos to achieve high-quality results.


These four methods are all worthwhile ideas for B2B businesses to explore. Keep them handy moving forward –– you’ll be glad you did!