4 Key Elements of a Successful Landing Page for Health Consultants

Amidst the vast array of webpages, online Shopify sites, Instagram profiles and pop ups, sits the humble landing page.  Used for executing a call to action upon readers and known for being very good at its job when done well, it is a unique beast to tackle no matter what your site. Add in the complexity of a unique niche, with specific parameters surrounding what you are trying to achieve and landing page success is not a matter of simply trial and error or a little bit of luck. It’s a matter of a masterfully executed strategy with dedicated elements that let your landing page stand alone and shine, and let you have the business in return to show for it.

1. Generates Trust and Authority

Given that the subject matter at hand is health and well being, there is a certain degree of trust and authority that needs to be displayed for the individual coming to your site. Whether they have stumbled on your site by accident or have researched their path and ended up there by intentional means, the only way they will stay is if they feel they can get the answer they are after from someone who they can trust to be offering it to them.

A landing page is unique in that it only offers a small snippet of information. From a trust perspective, it does not have the same advantage as a website whereby it can offer extensive pages and content which accumulate to build authority and trust. This means, that you are tasked with the job of building this trust and authority across the content of just one page, often, above the fold, and often in a few short seconds – readers don’t stick around for long unless they are convinced of a reason to do otherwise.

Building trust on a landing page comes down to making the most of the space you have with the time that your reader will be there, and across the messages and information you are trying to portray. It’s tricky business, and you only get one shot, so keep these things in mind:

Make the Content Rich

Don’t fool around with fluff, filler or unnecessary words and statements. Refrain from saying the same thing two different ways and pack the space you have with as much valuable information as you can.

Add Testimonials

Getting a seal of approval, positive reviews or unbiased opinions from others, especially past clients is a great way to show people that you know what you are talking about, that you have experience, and that people already trust what you are doing.

Use Statistics

There is nothing like numbers, percentages and indisputable statistical facts to back up what you are saying, offer support for your product or service and to garner increased trust from your audience.  Be sure to show the source of your data so that readers can verify your authority if they choose to.

2. Creates Attraction

Every time you create content, “you are making a statement and communicating with people – and your content is either attracting or repelling them.” Jess Stolberg

Jess Stolberg, a marketing consultant and online branding strategist speaks to the importance of having a landing page that creates attraction to the right people, by crafting it around a client profile. In your business, the ultimate goal of a landing page is to pull the audience in to purchase your service or product or take the action you are requesting, such as sign up to your email list. This is not likely going to be successful if you are attracting the wrong people, who aren’t actually interested in your service or product at all.

In a case study published by Mailchimp, on Hom Sweet Hom design studio, they speak to another important angle of this, in which they emphasize the need to “design a landing page that matches your style.”  What this comes down to is the content that is contained within the page. For example, if you are promoting a design business, having a landing page that doesn’t exhibit any design work to show the audience your design capabilities does not bode well for drawing them in to purchase your design. Conversely, if you are aiming to promote yourself as a writer, skilled at crafting blog posts that bring in traffic and boost SEO, a lack of writing or subpar writing on your landing page won’t do you any favours.

Source: https://mailchimp.com/resources/guides/the-inside-scoop-on-landing-pages-with-hom-sweet-hom

3. Capitalizes on Headlines

If there is one thing you put your focus into getting right to make sure that your landing page has a chance, it’s headlines. A killer starting headline, persuasive sub headlines, and an overall compilation of engaging word selection are all at the root of making headlines work for you. Because here’s the thing: headlines can do a lot of the work when it comes to speaking to your audience and promoting your health business. Done right, they can successfully set up the first part of the customer journey so that you can funnel a new lead through the rest and land with a new client at the end.

But in order for this to happen, the headlines first have to grab the attention of your reader, doing so with the ideal combination of expertise, and curiosity piquing, such that the reader sticks around.  It needs to be short and to the point, but at the same time give information on what the product or service is about, enough so that the reader knows if it is relevant to them. The heading can also be complimented by an image, which can do some of the explaining, or at the very least, support what the headline is trying to say. See why headlines are tricky?

Luckily though, they don’t have to act alone, and you can (and should) implement subheadings in as well.  You can think of subheadings as where you get a little more detailed, offer a little bit more information and where you have more landscape to take over that you can use to persuade the reader to sign up for, buy, or choose your product or service.

4. Offers Effective Media and Content

Remember that part about how a landing page is unique in that it is a snippet of information and you need to do a lot with that in a short amount of time? That translates to the need to be impeccably effective with what you write and what you show.

  • Choose elements that can do double duty. For example, an image that grabs attention and tells the reader information; a headline that explains what your company does, while inviting them to sign up.
  • Remember that formatting is important. Many readers simply scan pages, so formatting, punctuated by bullets, number lists, bold words and the right spacing is crucial to making their scanning experience optimized – for both you and the reader.
  • There is no space for generic stock images in a landing page. Choose images that show products, tell a story or a testimonial, draw attention to certain staff members or in general give some valuable insight into the company or the health services you provide.


Source: https://depositphotos.com/search/landing-page.html?qview=80760446

If landing pages are unique, perhaps even more unique is the process of funnelling leads through a landing page as a health consultant. The good news is, that all the techniques and elements apply, and now you get to cater the page to your unique niche and area of expertise:

  • Consider the audience that you are speaking to and how best to make sure that your words resonate with them. Are you speaking to individuals who are seeking out a health consultant for the first time, or those who have been working with a consultant for a few years? Do your people know a lot about you and health, or would they be complete novices in the field?
  • Position yourself in a place of authority that is immediately visible to the reader. You do not want to simply have a potential client leave because you look just like the other landing pages and websites that are crafted by those with minimal knowledge or expertise. Deliver with a degree of professionalism, put the time into making sure everything looks legitimate, and always remember to ask yourself: “if I was a potential client would I hire this health consultant?”
  • In addition to being professional visually, put some time into your words. Health writing requires knowledge of the subject, but also familiarity with how to properly write in a health-related field. Do not underestimate the importance of this and be sure to educate yourself accordingly.

In the end, the landing page you craft has a main goal. Whether that is to increase your email list, gain more clients or sell more products, the only way to measure the effectiveness of your landing page is to see if you get those results. Hone in on your page within the confines of your niche and work to create a place where people end up, and the only time they leave is when they have signed up for your service and have finally committed to improving their health and wellness.  This is indeed, the ultimate measure of success.