4 Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Real Estate Business

If you run a real estate business, how do you rise above the fray and capture a customer’s attention? It can be tricky — not only are there more competitors than ever, including large digital platforms, but a hot real estate market nationwide means that buyers are always searching for a deal. Because of this, you need savvy marketing tactics to put your brand and business at the forefront of consumers’ minds. We’ve put together four marketing tactics that will definitely boost your real estate business.

Get serious about video

The internet is not only the place to put up your phone number and business address. It is also the place to discover your next dream home. Nothing sells a dream home to a customer like the ability to imagine themselves among those kitchen islands and hardwood floors.

If you want your customer to pick up the phone and give you a call, you have got to have compelling videos to show your customers why they ought to spend their precious time taking a look at your inventory. However, far too many real estate companies depend on shaky videos taken on iPhones and edited by an office assistant and that’s not ideal. 929Media, a video production company based in NYC, notes that professional videographers not only give you the brand patina of polished skill, but also makes an argument to your clientele of the exclusivity of your enterprise.

A/B test your leads

What is A/B testing? According to Neil Patel, A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a website to see which one performs better. So, you would split your visitors to your website into two equally sized groups, with half seeing one featured picture of a house you want to sell, and another seeing a different featured picture. If more people who visit your site click on the first featured picture, that should probably be the one that you feature going forward. With contemporary web marketing tools, you can A/B test nearly everything, from the layout of your website to the subject lines of your emails.

Drip like a faucet

Think of choosing your own adventure story — how much fun are those? According to the software integration company Zapier, drip marketing campaigns are automated campaigns that send emails to customers in a specific order after they sign up. Like choosing your own adventure story, the emails that you send to a client depend on whether or not they open the emails that you have previously sent them. This allows you to pitch your products to customers depending on their expressed interest with a personalized approach. If they don’t seem interested in the first batch of houses you send them in one town, your drip campaign can send them a batch in the next town over. The best part about it? Drip marketing campaigns are designed ahead of time, meaning that you don’t need to pay attention once the new potential customer has signed up. You can just answer the phone.

Send a care package after closing

With all this talk about digital technology, we don’t want to leave out the crucial fact that selling is, after all, about people first. A personal touch will always leave a customer with a warm glow. And (now to bring digital tech back into the equation) in the era of online reviews, it helps to have a satisfied customer out there who is going to say nice things about you. According to Review Trackers, a company that creates tools to track customer feedback, good customer reviews have the effect of making people who find you online trust you more. A care package, especially one that features local and personalized gifts, will help you stick around in the mind of that customer. And, who knows? They might just be more inclined to send somebody your way.

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