4 Popular Types of Video Content Used for Marketing

Creating video content to market a brand or its products can be extremely effective – but what types of videos are best to do so? While the exact type of video you want to use for marketing will vary based on many different factors, a good starting point is to know some of the popular types of video content that are used for marketing.

As you’ll find there are certain types of video content that tend to be widely-used for marketing across various platforms:

  • Product videos

A product video is basically a video that goes over what a product has to offer, and normally focuses on what makes it unique as well as the benefits that it provides. Some product videos are structured as reviews, while others more directly discuss the product itself.

  • How-to guides or explainer videos

Explainer videos or how-to guides focus on a particular topic or problem and help provide an explanation or solution to help viewers. Because of that they tend to be useful, and can indirectly market a product by showing how it can be used along with the benefits of using it.

  • Behind-the-scenes brand culture videos

As its name suggests these videos provide a peek at the people behind the brand and the workplace culture that it represents. It is used as part of a brand strategy that is designed to showcase what makes the brand unique in order to make it more appealing to potential customers.

  • Customer testimonials or case studies

Testimonials from past customers can help to provide social proof for a brand or its products, and is a powerful tool to increase sales. At the same time case studies are similar, but tend to focus on a particular case and explore how a brand or its products helped out.

Between the types of videos listed above, you may have some idea of the kind of video content that you could start to produce for your marketing campaign. In fact, one way that you could start to create marketing videos of your own is by recording video footage from your screen using Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac. It is a great way to capture footage of apps or software, and can even be used to save video calls as interviews.

While you may not have much experience with video capture on Mac, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac’s user-friendly approach will make it easy. In just a few clicks you could set it up to capture exactly the area that you want from your screen while also selecting the audio source, adjusting the frame rate, or opting to record keyboard and mouse actions.

Simply put with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac you’ll be able to capture exactly the kind of footage that you want from your screen. All that you need to do now is decide on the type of video that you want to create, and you can jump right in and get started as soon as you do.

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