4 Simple Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Video Content

Over the last few years the use of video content has grown by leaps and bounds – on websites, social media, and other online platforms. Partially this growth is due to the fact that faster online connections allow for videos to be streamed more easily, but more than that it is simply because video content has the ability to interest and engage its audience far more effectively.

Of course as much as videos have a tremendous amount of potential, it is important that you do your part to maximize it when creating and publishing video content. On that front, these 4 simple tips should get you off to a good start:

1. Define the goal and the message of your video

Every video that you create should have a single goal, and a message that is designed to achieve that goal. It is best if your videos are razor-focused, so that viewers don’t end up distracted by tangential messages that don’t really help you to achieve your goals.

2. Plan and script the video thoroughly

In order for your video to effectively convey its message, it needs to be planned and scripted thoroughly. That includes not just the voiceover, but also details of the visual elements in each scene, their position, and any other pertinent details such as color or style. By scripting your video thoroughly, you can ensure that it is fully focused on your message and delivers it as efficiently and succinctly as possible.

3. Try to keep the duration short

The majority of viewers nowadays aren’t going to sit through long and drawn out videos, which is why you should aim to keep the duration short. Typically social media videos tend to be most effective when they’re under a minute in duration, and while website video content may have a bit more leeway you should try not to exceed 2 minutes.

4. Provoke an emotional reaction

Generally the most effective types of video content are able to provoke an emotional reaction. Regardless of whether viewers feel touched, sad, joyful, inspired, or some other emotion entirely – the more intense the emotion, the better as you can then leverage it to help achieve your goals.

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