4-Step Twitter Content Strategy that’s Easy and Really Works

I know what you’re experiencing. You’ve already tried all the different tactics and strategies you possibly could to gain a loyal following on Twitter and be able to finally use this medium to promote your business.

What’s common between most of them is that they require a lot of effort, time and… patience just to have a glimpse that they’re actually producing any results. Another thing that they might share is that… you finally gave up and decided to automate all your tweets.

Let me fix that for you.
In this post, I’ll be sharing an easy-to-use 4-step Twitter content strategy that really works

Adopting the Right Twitter Mindset

Before anything else, though, you need to rethink your goals concerning your use of this social network. In order to be successful and to effectively promote your business on Twitter, the right mindset is required.

Stop seeing Twitter as a means to get a lot of traffic and start looking at the little blue bird as a channel to build relationships. Relationships are the key of any successful business. So, instead of focusing on getting visitors back to your site, worry about finding the right people to build relationships with.

Your goals are to be out there, to make yourself noticed, to get attention, to connect with other people, to engage with your audience and to build influence in your niche.

If you prefer to add numbers to your goals, I would say they should be to build relationships with 5 to 10 influencers and gather 100 to 150 true fans (followers that love your content and keep engaging with you).

The 4-Step Strategy to Effectively Use Twitter

I’ve learned about this strategy in an episode of the Internet Business Mastery podcast and have been using it on many of my online businesses ever since with great results. These are four easy steps anyone can follow and they also don’t require much of your time to be effective.

Step #1: Find the right people in your niche

It all starts with finding the right people. You need to be super targeted in this step when looking for people you to follow. We only want people that might be interested in our content, that are probably going to interact with us and that are more likely to follow us back.

We can divide them into two distinct groups of people: fans and influencers. There are different ways to find each specific group, too:

  • Finding fans: To find fans you must take a look at those who follow other influencers in your niche; search for people that share common interests with your audience.Simply use the Twitter search to locate influencers or brands in your niche and check their newest followers. Pick the ones that have been more active recently.
  • Finding influencers: Since you’ve already found your niche influencers, select the ones that have some influence but aren’t still being followed by a ton of people. The important thing here is to choose influencers that are actually going to interact with you.

Step #2: Follow and interact with them genuinely

The thing with Twitter is that people tend to follow back those who follow them. When someone gets a new follower, they usually check their profile; if they find something that they can relate to, they’ll follow them back.

To increase your chances of being followed back, make sure you’ve got a good profile pic and an interesting bio with a link to your blog/site.

Your shared content is also important to captivate the other person’s interest in you. If you’re just starting on Twitter — don’t worry — just publish a lot of good content like if you had thousands of followers.

Now it’s time to interact with them. Do it naturally. Start by studying their profiles, read their blog’s about page, visit their site, etc. See if you can find something you both like and interact with them about that topic in an authentic way.

Another good way to interact with the people you’re following is to retweet their best Twitter posts.

Step #3: Share great content on Twitter

The third step in this Twitter social media strategy is sharing great content.

Since the lifetime of a tweet is so short, tweeting once a day won’t work. You need to be more active to get the attention you’re looking for. You don’t have to spend your entire day on Twitter, though.

The trick is setting up a schedule of your tweet broadcasts according to the times your audience is most likely to be on Twitter so that your content has more chances of getting seen.
Those exact times vary from audience to audience, but it’s generally better to post stuff in the morning, at lunch time and when people are returning home from work.

Buffer is a great tool to make your tweets go live automatically at specific hours during the day. You can add stuff to a queue that will be fired at your chosen hours.

There are three types of content you should share:

  1. Curate and share other people’s content.
  2. Share short tips and resources.
  3. Share good quotes.

It’s fundamental to share quality content. That doesn’t mean you should only share yours. In fact, you should share more content from others than your own. For that you need to learn how to curate content.

Use a tool like Feedly to add your favorite blogs’ feeds and take a look at the best headlines you find. You can either read the posts right then or mark them to read later. Once you have more time, just skim read the posts and add the best ones to your Buffer queue along with a small personal message about them (e.g. “recommended”, “loved it”, “using the #3 step” or even “marked to read later”) so that it doesn’t look totally automated.

Being a good curator is a great skill to develop if you’re aiming at becoming an influencer in your niche. If your goal is to help people, you can also provide answers with valuable content from others. Curating is simply filtering out content that adds value to your followers.

You can also share good short tips and resources on Twitter. Read through your blog posts (and other influencers’ blog posts) and find the most important sentences that could fit in a good tip to share on Twitter. Besides tips you can share resources. They can be tools, books, guides, eBooks or links.

Sharing quotes is also a smart move. There are dozens of quote sites out there than you can use to gather impacting quotes to share on Twitter. Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Contrary to what you’re thinking now, all of this sharing doesn’t really take that much time to organize. In just 5 to 10 minutes per day, you can add all of these types of shares to your Buffer queue and that’s it.

Step #4: Engage with people in an authentic manner

The last step in this Twitter content strategy is the authenticity part of the process.

Once a day, you should spend 5 to 10 minutes engaging with people authentically. Reply, retweet and interact with your followers and influencers. Tell them what you think about the content they share. Thank them for putting out great stuff.

Remember your goal here: build meaningful relationships.

To do that you have to be authentic, you need to be there on Twitter and show people you’re a real person and not some automated machine.


By now, you should already know what you have to do to be successful on Twitter and promote your business effectively.

It all starts with adopting the right mindset that makes you give more value to building relationships than to anything else. Then you go and find the right people to follow, both fans and influencers, so that they can follow you back and you start interacting with them genuinely. Next, you need to share great content, such as quotes, and curate content that might help your audience. Finally, it’s all about being authentic and showing you’re a real person. Again, the goal here is to build relationships.

All of these important steps won’t take much of your time. In just 10-15 minutes per day, you can perfectly queue up your shared content and engage with people. The best thing about Twitter is that you can build a loyal following without spending any money — as opposed to Facebook, where you need to buy ads to get people to like your page and it doesn’t even end up well, a lot of the time.

Once you build meaningful relationships by reaching your goals (5-10 influencers + 100-150 true fans), it will all become much easier. Clicks and traffic will start rolling in as well as new insights of what products your audience wants. New opportunities will arise and money to be made also.