4 Tips to Increase Your Company’s Following on Social Media

Creating a successful business is not a popularity contest. Indeed, plenty of companies thrive by catering their services to small, niche audiences. And there are numerous benefits associated with specifically targeting consumers with a high potential for conversion. Nevertheless, all growing businesses eventually reach a point when they want to expand –– when they need to grow their consumer base. To that end, today we’ll share our top four tips for increasing your company’s following on social media. Check them out here:

Explore New Social Networks

By now, virtually all businesses have some sort of presence on large social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, these are not the only social networks worth exploring. Indeed, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to utilize newer social networks like Reddit, Tik Tok, or Viber to name a few. Additionally, some businesses may be able to find industry-specific social networks that can connect them directly to interested customers.

Go Local

If your business has more than one location, then it’s imperative to create local accounts for your remote brick-and-mortars. This way, your social media team can craft content specifically designed to resonate with consumers in a certain area. It’s worth noting, though, that as your business expands on social media, it becomes more vulnerable to cyber attack from counterfeiters or hackers. As such, growing businesses should look to invest in web presence management software to protect their brand reputation.

Boost Posts & Advertise

When done well, boosted posts on platforms like Facebook can provide companies with the ability to connect with new leads. Advertising on Facebook and on social media in general isn’t easy, and there are lots of stipulations and regulations to consider. Still, setting aside some capital for paid promotion on social media is usually a worthwhile endeavor.

Re-think Your Content Strategy

For many businesses, social media exists as a place to simply re-post their blogs. While it’s not a bad idea to link relevant blogs within your social-media content stream, it’s not the only way that you can push content on social media. In reality, it’s often more effective to create or repurpose content specifically designed for social media networks. By adopting a more innovative content strategy, marketers can enhance their brand’s standing on social media. Remember, consumers will respond to quality content and spread it themselves if it’s good enough.

The Bottom Line

As with anything else, the more money, time, and resources you spend to upgrade your social media strategy, the better results you can expect to see in return. Thankfully, following these four tips will help you get the most bang for your buck!