4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Traffic

Your website’s traffic can be your company’s most valuable asset. Your website’s traffic can be your company’s most valuable asset. Many companies aren’t maximizing the value their traffic can deliver. Implementing some engagement channels for your audience can boost the value you’re receiving from your traffic. By focusing on customer retention and audience activation, your business can and will start receiving the value it deserves from its online traffic.

Ultimately, you want to build engaging experiences that leave every site visitor happy. Here are four ways you can get the most out of your traffic.

1. Content

Content is King. It was true in 2000, it’s true in 2011. While the SEO benefits that you can receive from a good content strategy will drive more traffic, the engagement benefits will deliver more conversions. A good content strategy will build an audience that keeps coming back to you. As a result, your audience will have more chances to convert on your products. To do this, start by blogging articles that your target market would actually want to read. Keep it short, educational, and actionable. In addition, use social channels and email contacts to help distribute your content. Keep a regular posting schedule. Also, avoid pausing or stopping your efforts.

2.Customer Service

Your customers are your most valuable site visitors. With proper engagement, customers can consider additional resell, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities with your brand, as well as be encouraged to refer your business throughout their network. The best way to earn this value from your audience is by investing heavily in your customer service. In fact, a study in the Harvard Business Review found that “MBNA America, a Delaware-based credit card company, cut its 10% defection rate in half, profits rose a whopping 125%.”

3. Advertise

You spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to your website. Unfortunately, you have a 57% bounce rate and a 3% conversion rate. With retargeting, you can target ads specifically to the people who have left your site without converting. I’ve witnessed dozens of small companies effectively grow their business by retargeting their media strategy. One example – Zendesk, a web based customer support software, received a 1011% ROI solely from retargeting conversions over a 9 month period from October 2010 to June 2011.

4. Contest Giveaways

There’s a reason why cereal boxes love promoting vacation giveaway contests. They work. If you’re looking to add value to your customers and earn new ones, a contest could be a big winner for your audience. Gist, a professional contact manager recently acquired by RIM, used iPad give-away contests to encourage its users to drive referral signups. The result: a $1.50 cost per acquired user.

No matter the size of your traffic pool, your business can increase sales by optimizing online traffic. Building a content strategy, focusing on customer service, implementing retargeting, and running contests are all effective ways to do this. None of these tactics can be effective unless you act on them. So stop reading and start doing!

This is a guest post from Samir Soriano, the Director of Marketing at ReTargeter. Samir has a passion for helping businesses grow through marketing.

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