4 Ways to Increase Engagement through Web Videos

Monetized customer engagement is the holy grail of branding and marketing activities, but what does it take to achieve this objective? Visual content is the answer. This content can take several forms, including photographs, images, infographics, or videos, but web videos will give you the best return on your investment. Add or increase video content to your website, social media and customer support activities to measurably increase engagement and strengthen your bottom line.

Web Video Benefits by the Numbers

Videos connect with audiences on a level that other text and visual formats simply can’t achieve. Whether live or prerecorded, webinars or product demos, social or branding, videos resonate with viewers and produce outcomes that include:

  • Improved Organic Search Reach: The organic reach of video on Facebook is 135% greater than a photograph, according to socialbakers.
  • Increased Consumer Education: Four times as many consumer would rather watch a video about a product than read about it and customers are almost 50% more likely to read email newsletters that include video links based on research conducted by Animoto.
  • Higher Website Conversion Rates: Videos increase the time a customer spends on a site by 105% and produce twice the overall conversion rate compared to site without video, according to the experts at Digitalist.

Web videos simply make sense to engage todays’ consumers, and there are four ways to produce the best impact.

1. Provide a Concierge Customer Care Experience

Everyone wants to feel special and you can use videos to deliver the concierge experience that people crave. Consumer demand for personalized products is growing, but so is the expectation of an individualized connection with a brand.

Videos are an excellent way to deliver this level of customer service. Interactive, personal videos can help shoppers select the best outfit for their figure, understand the practical benefits of a product or service, or explain the intricacies of homeowners insurance without the legal jargon. Develop a series of videos that address the needs of various segments of your customer base, and back it up with live video chat to make them cared for and appreciated.

2. Deliver Personalized Product Demos

Use a live-video platform, such as Skype, to deliver personalized product demonstrations that meet the exact needs of your prospects. Generic demonstration videos focus on product features, but customized demos shift that focus the challenges that the prospect faces, and how the product will minimize or resolve them.

When your attention is solely on the needs of the potential buyer, you are engaging them on a deeper level since the conversation is about solutions rather than sales. Through this process, you demonstrate not only your product but your understanding of their needs, which builds trust. While you may not close every deal, this type of customized demonstration will increase your conversion rate.

3. Create a Personalized Learning Experience

There are thousands of educational videos on YouTube, but they don’t always deliver the content and experience someone needs to develop a new skill set. For those seeking small group or one-on-one learning experiences, they are finding quality instructors on Skype. Topics such as learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, cooking, knitting and more, are delivered by experts across the country and around the world.

Dyce Kimura is a Miami-based professional musician and singer who offers private guitar and singing lessons from his studio. Dyce has an established YouTube channel where he offers video guitar and singing lesson, a Beginning Acoustic Guitar Course. He also offers private lessons via Skype. “By offering pre-recorded and live on-line lessons, my customer base has grown, and I don’t have to leave my studio to impact learners across the country.

This process has been a tremendous boost for my brand as well as my business.” There is a demand for private and customized personal education experiences, which can be a boon for small business owners.

4. Share Customer-Generated Content

One of the best ways to engage your customers is to get out of the way and let a happy user do the work for you. With the advent of Facebook Live, people are documenting their adventures, mishaps, and successes daily, and will often give a shout out to a product or service that enhanced their experience. Take advantage of this material by reposting great clips to your website and sharing them on twitter and other social media platforms.

The makers of GoPro have taken this concept to a new level when they created their own channel solely for users to upload their GoPro footage. Encourage your customers who are passionate about your clothes, gadgets, services, etc. to make and post videos that share their excitement. It’s the best marketing that money just can’t buy.

Bottom Line

How businesses engage their customers and attract new ones has evolved over time. Today’s consumers expect a customized experience and respond best to a visual marketing approach. Combine these two elements to produce effective pre-recorded and/or live videos to support your brand and maximize engagement.

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