5 Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

There is no doubt that content marketing is the most cost effective and ROI friendly strategy when compared to traditional marketing strategies like newspaper ads or billboard advertising.

As per a survey done by the Aberdeen group, it was revealed that companies who use content marketing are able to generate six times more conversions.

When it comes to real estate content, marketers often get confused as to how they can make their content strategy stand apart so that it drives meaningful engagement with their target audiences.

Here are five brilliant content marketing ideas especially for real estate businesses:

1. Publish a Property-Related Survey

You can conduct a survey and publish the findings as a case study on your website. This is a great way to earn authority links.

Journalists and bloggers are always looking for surveys and research findings to include in upcoming articles. When you publish your findings on local areas that your business serves, you will maximize your chances of earning links from local newspapers or bloggers.

Besides, you can even choose a general topic that caters to the whole country instead of a specific city. These types of studies are great for acquiring links from a variety of sources. Here are some examples of content resources that are perfect for attracting mentions with citation links:

2. Leverage The Power of Videos

Video is definitely the future of content marketing, thanks to blazing fast internet speeds and rise of mobile devices. People nowadays are moving away from reading content and are spending more time watching and listening to content.

This is the reason, video content marketing should be a priority for your real estate business. Here’s how to map your video activity to your marketing funnel.

Short Videos – Ideal For ToFu Conversion

Shorter videos are extremely helpful for top of the funnel (ToFu) conversion. You can use a social video creation app like Yala to create high quality, branded videos.

The best part is, you don’t need a camera to create your videos, and you don’t need to use generic, bland stock clips. Yala offers a library of 1080p, high-quality, original footage that’s got plenty of character. You can create a video in as little as 60 seconds, and you can export it in dimensions and file formats automatically optimized for social media. The tool is powered by AI that can optimize posting times for you.

Now you can start sharing Facebook Live videos featuring a tour of the property you are going to sell. This is a great way to engage with interested people.

Ideally, you must also add video in every targeted location page in your website. This will help you to improve lead capture conversions. For example, 100 Commission Real Estate uses video in each and every page of its website in order to convert more visitors.

Long Videos – For MoFu Conversion

Longer videos are useful when you are hosting webinars. They help in conversion when prospects are at the middle of the funnel (MoFu).

You can host a webinar and answer questions of people. There are so many questions that people want an answer to when it comes to real estate. If you are able to help the people who are desperately looking for answers to their questions, then you will be able to build a loyal following for your business.

Here is an example of a real estate webinar in action.

3. Optimize Your Blog For Long Tail Keywords

You can acquire tons of traffic to your website if you have a blog in place. Blogging helps because it allows you to rank for a number of long tail search queries and even for voice search queries. The higher the number of keywords for which your website is able to rank on Google, the more traffic your website will see.

Here are some easy ways to optimize your blog content:

  • Use a combination of keyword research tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Answer The Public, etc. to research relevant long tail keywords to try and rank for.
  • Make sure you have your main target keywords in the page title, H1 and the first paragraph of the main content body.
  • Optimize the images on your blog post and add semantically relevant words in the image alt text. For example, if a photo shows a new property in Dothan, then you can name the image as “house in Dothan AL.”
  • Add proper internal links from every blog post. This will help you to increase the authority of every page on your site.
  • Use the help of social media to reach potential audiences. Share all your blog posts on your brand profile and also ask your employees to do the same.
  • Rewrite older blog posts and keep them updated. This will help to boost the freshness of your blog posts meaning they will continue ranking for important keywords.

4. Use Gated Content To Your Advantage

Do not offer everything for free because all that is free is not taken seriously by the people. Gated content can be a great way to acquire business leads.

Gated content refers to situations where your audience needs to submit their details or take action before they are able to view the content. Here is an example of a gated content as suggested by Carrot.

Here, an agent offers “40 top tips for selling your home,” but it’s only accessible after the visitor has submitted details including the phone number.

Please do not make everything on your site gated content, as this can get frustrating for visitors who aren’t ready to opt in. If you publish five new posts each month, then only one out of the five should be gated, at most.

5. Publish Variety Of Content That People Will Want To Share

When it comes to content marketing, you can’t stick to just one genre and format. You need to a variety in your content writing approach. Here are some ideas for content that you can use to market your real estate services:

  • Share your brand story with your audience. People are always interested in knowing about the founders and how they started or who are the people behind the company.
  • Use Q&A sites like Quora to identify the questions that people are asking related to your niche.
  • Publish content related to “How To” and always add a video to the post. Articles containing videos for “How To” related queries have higher chances of getting listed as featured snippets.
  • Publish location specific content so that you have content for every locality that your business serves.
  • Share latest industry news as this will help you to acquire top rankings for news related queries related to your niche.
  • Conduct a survey and ask direct questions from your customer as to what problems they face while buying/renting a property and prepare content offering solutions to those problems.

Final Thoughts

Every content marketing strategy needs a solid plan. Take the help of the above real estate-specific content marketing ideas and produce content that is unique and useful. Last but not the least, monitor the activity of your closest competitors and regularly revise your content plan accordingly. Content marketing is all about relationship building. Start building a relationship with your customers and always focus on improving the customer retention rate.

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