5 Content Marketing Tips for Financial Services

content marketing for financial

Like any other business, financial services also must incorporate content marketing into their overall marketing strategy to achieve the core objectives – greater engagement, wider reach, and better brand visibility.

It is widely believed that creating engaging content in some business sectors can be a huge challenge and finance ranks high among those sectors. However, the huge success that major financial brands have been enjoying is proof of the fact that content marketing works for companies offering financial services as well. These stats bolsters the point even further:

  • Nearly 95 percent of companies in the financial services sectors are familiar with content marketing
  • 70 percent of the companies have experienced improved brand awareness by using content marketing strategies
  • Over 60 percent of the companies say content marketing is a great way of generating traffic
  • 72 percent of financial services have indicated their plan to increase their content marketing budget

However, it is also true that some companies are not yet fully conversant about the process of exploring the power of content marketing to its full potential. The market for financial services is getting extremely competitive and that’s why those who do not take corrective steps quickly and upgrade their content marketing knowledge and skills are unlikely to survive this cutthroat race.

That there is a growing demand for content is indisputable. The only way of using content to boost your brand visibility and customer engagement is to know how to use it right.

“There is an insatiable need for content and those who can provide it with the appropriate quality to the right consumers at the right time can see business improve. – Sean Tyson, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Quietly Media.

Here are five top content marketing tips that can help your financial enterprise leapfrog over your more established competitors and make it to the top of the league.

1. Create Content That’s Data-Driven

Digital marketing experts are of the opinion that when it comes to marketing financial services, data assumes a central role.

  • Data creates a sense of trust and reliability
  • It also helps remove subjectivity.

Marketers can make use of advanced analytics tools to decide how to satiate the craving for information on specific subject matters using facts and figures.

2. Incorporate Relevant and Specific Keywords

When it comes to content development, every single piece you create must be optimized for a specific keyword associated with your financial services. This is an effective way of driving relevant traffic to your website. One thing you should avoid strictly is keyword stuffing as it is not likely to do your efforts any justice. On the contrary, it can land you into trouble as Google may penalize such actions.

Your content should aim to:

  • Answer some of the most frequently asked questions
  • Provide solutions to some of the common problems that consumers face in the financial services sector.

By doing so, you can make your content pieces appear as truly valuable information resources and can help you gain higher rankings on the leading search engines. Optimizing your content around your geographical location is also a great way of reaching out to your potential clients.

3. Better To Educate First and Persuade Later

“Even when you’re creating educational content, you are still marketing. You’re just marketing the content, not your products and services. You’re still selling those products and services, but the selling is just way in the background. Way, way in the background.”Brian Sutter, Forbes contributor.

It is not uncommon for consumers to come across thousands of brand messages every day and that’s no exaggeration. Most of them do not register in the minds of the consumers but the ones that do offer them something of value. Consumers tend to show their loyalty to brands that provide them valuable information. This is done by creating content that analyzes specific financial topics in-depth and provides practical information and data in a reader-friendly format. The persuasion part can come later after you gain the trust and confidence of your readers. Myautoloan.com Reviews show how this auto loan services website provides detailed information about various aspects of auto loan financing in a simple and informative format. It is a good example of how a financial service should educate its audience.

Creative and Thorough Keyword Research Strategies

4. Deliver in a Visual Format

Given the industry’s products and services, it is an accepted fact that financial content tends to be boring and incapable of holding the attention of readers for the same reason.

However, many leading financial organizations have been working around this problem by creating ‘scannable’ content and peppering the same with pie-charts, maps, visuals, and even interactive tools.  This seems to be working for most companies as they report a better understanding of the financial topics that are at the center of such visually attractive content.

The logic behind this is simple. The human brain is more attracted to visual content as pictures have a way of registering itself in a more persistent manner. Psychologists have proven that visual cues make it easy for people to retrieve and recall information. Does it not make sense for the drab and boring financial content to be presented in a format that has a good sprinkling of visuals?

How can it be done?

  • Using interactive maps and data visualization
  • Limited time webinars on various financial topics
  • Using images and charts relevant to the content and subject

5. No Jargons Please

Creating financial content is a challenging and complex task and involves the use of complicated jargon which consumers find difficult to comprehend. This may hamper the purpose of content marketing. Marketers must find a way of keeping the content simple and free of technical words unless it is avoidable and there are no substitutes. Keeping things simple and readable can assure more eyeballs and a better chance of success for your content marketing efforts.

These tips provide some insight into the efforts you must put while crafting a content marketing strategy for financial services. Of course, there are many other things to consider as well such as the type of content, targeting strategies, and the tone of the content.  When done right, it can boost brand awareness and drive more organic leads which are the steps to be taken for increasing conversions.

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