5 Digital Marketing Job Search Mistakes / Myths

The expansion of the digital market is pretty much visible. To maintain the equilibrium of demand and supply, the industry needs skilled, witty, and enthusiastic digital marketers to do the job. This is the very reason that the number of digital marketing courses offering colleges and institutions is at its highest and every year a huge batch of aspiring grads are out on a job hunt.

While you may have been a cool dude or not-so-bothered diva in your college days, once you step out of the educational circle, your life would turn upside down. You will have to search jobs, clear interviews, fight competition, perform and look for growth constantly. Well, there is nothing much we can do about it; after all, it is how life goes on. However, what we can do is, help you in starting your professional life.

Yes, we can help you with a job search; the very first step towards a bright future. If you are wondering that it may be an easy task to search a lucrative, suitable, and learning oriented job for yourself, you must be mistaken. It is a tough task, especially when you do not have the right knowledge of the industry.

Job Search & Mistakes

Searching for a job is a critical aspect demanding care and attention. There are many petty mistakes that job seekers do while searching for a job. While the mistake might be petty, its repercussions are devastating. Even the most experienced digital marketers might go wrong somewhere while searching for the best jobs for themselves.

In this article we will learn about the top 5 digital marketing job search mistakes committed by job seekers and a way to prevent them:

1. Relying Completely on Online Space

No doubt LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Monster.com, and CareerBuilder are some great online markets to search for an ideal job opening but restricting your search to the online space may put you on the losing end. As per reports, over 80 percent of the jobs are never listed by the companies. It is always advised to keep a close eye on the job boards to ensure you do not miss out on any lucrative opportunity.

What to do: It is high time you broaden up your search plan. Make contacts with your placement cell counselor which may further help you contact the alumni of your college. Keep in touch with your seniors, classmates, and other friends and loved ones who are in the same field. You never know which one of them may come up with a proposal if they know that you are on a job hunt.

2. Limiting the Horizons

One of the most common mistakes that beginners, as well as mid-level job seekers, do is limit their options right from the start. The market for digital marketing is broader and deeper than you may have expected. Sticking to your major subject during the course while searching for a job might limit your job search area. For internet marketers, the job options are endless; you may choose some job that you never know existed but is of direct relevance to your studies and skill set.

What to do: Making a list of all prospective digital marketing jobs is the right way to start. You will be surprised to know how many of the jobs are closely knitted and in alignment with your skills & knowledge base.

3. Not Updating your Social Profile

Now, this would be a silly mistake to commit, especially when you are yourself from the digital background. Considering the impact that social media holds today, the effects of social media are visible in all aspects of our lives and this includes the ‘job search’ as well. The employers understand that a social media profile is the best way to know more about the candidates. Many companies today ask for the social media links for the candidate’s profile, although it is still a big debate whether it is ethical or not. But, the importance of your social media appearance cannot be denied.

What to do: Revamp your social media profile. Make it look normal and not like the social media handle of a brat. There are a lot of things that employers do not wish to see in a prospective employee; clean it up and bring in some professional looks.

4. One Resume Never Fits All

Another blunder that fresh graduates do in a job search expedition is sending one resume to all the hiring managers. In fact, most of the times we do not bother to edit the addressing subject in the email and simply copy-paste it to every second job application. This is the most criticized approach towards job search. Each job has its own set of requirements (skills, individual qualities, & knowledge) sending a default resume to everyone will cut down your chance to secure a good job.

What to do: Make two three set of resumes keeping in mind the job you wish to do. The job list you made earlier will come handy for this task. Each resume must be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the job.

5. Underestimating You

Many freshers think that starting up fresh means they have to compromise on their salary which is the biggest blunder to start a job search. You are a bright mind with freshly stocked knowledge and innovative ideas for the future. The company needs talent like yours and must hire you if you at a good pay scale provided you apply for the right job and make the employer believe in your skills.

What to do: Make a job search criteria that offers you the desired profile and a respectful pay. Once you have the list, you may go ahead and apply for jobs that fall within the criteria.

Hope these tips will help you start your job search efficiently. Remember, the job search is the first step of the growth ladder and if you take the right start, there is nothing that can keep you from progressing in your professional life.


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