5 Easy Ways to Build a Great Sales Funnel for Your Business

The success of every online business depends on a strong sales funnel. Finding new prospective buyers, building interest, forging a connection and — ultimately — securing their ongoing custom is a crucial element of growing your brand.

Unfortunately, though, actually creating an effective sales funnel is much harder than some budding entrepreneurs may realize. Whether you’re starting out on your business journey or want to overhaul your current strategy, check out the following five easy ways to build a killer sales funnel.

1. Boost Your Traffic Generation

Your sales funnel starts with attracting new customers. You have to build awareness of your brand and products & services to bring prospects to you — you can’t just hope buyers with money to burn will stumble across your site.

Generating traffic to drive conversions revolves around multiple techniques. Content marketing is one of the strongest, incorporating blog posts, articles, press releases, guest blogs and more. Creating compelling content and sharing it across social networks will raise further awareness.

Another way is to enhance your site’s visibility through quality SEO. Leverage competitive keywords chosen carefully for maximum relevance to your target consumers and create solid backlinks. Optimize your site for mobile devices to get into Google’s good books.

Combine both of the above with paid ads too, on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels you want to utilize. This helps you gain priority placements and appeal to specific prospects.

2. Aim for Better Lead Acquisition

You’re generating leads — but are they actually worth the time, money and effort you’re investing?

Likewise, what if you’re capable of acquiring solid leads but simply can’t get enough of them?

Paying big bucks for low-quality leads just won’t bring the ROI you need, and being too thrifty can hold you back.

Take the time to analyze how your leads actually progress. How many grow into conversions and loyal customers? How many go nowhere? Focus on trying to replicate the former and cut down on the latter. Working to expand your reach and targeted marketing will help improve your lead acquisition too.

Effective communication is essential to gain trust, so always be available across multiple channels, such as social media and live chat. You can take an active stance with the latter, prompting visitors with a pop-up invitation to ask questions they may have.

Just make sure your support agents are well-trained on proper customer service techniques, regardless of the communication methods used.

3. Show Prospects Why They Need You

Converting your prospects from curious browsers to regular customers hinges on persuasion. Your website must take visitors on a journey that leads to their completing a transaction and feeling satisfied enough with your service to buy from your business again.

Alternatively, the conversion could be signing up for an email address or downloading content (such as a free ebook).

Whatever your aim, it’s vital to provide clear, easy-to-digest information that shows how and why your products / services will make the customer’s life easier. Building a quality landing page will help: utilize powerful headlines and dynamic CTAs to hook prospects’ interest.

Positive reviews from like-minded buyers is another smart technique to drive conversions: gather testimonials from the different demographics you serve to increase your appeal. Consider using video to boost engagement and show your products / services in action. This is a terrific complement to well-written sales copy.

4. Persistence is Your Friend

You’ve upped your marketing game to get your brand out in front of more prospects. You’ve invested in better leads and (possibly) more of them. You’ve built a landing page that makes staying on your site seem worthwhile.

But you’re still making a mistake: you’re not being persistent enough.

We don’t mean you should bombard leads with aggressive marketing calls three times a day or hound them on Facebook.

What we DO mean is that you should take advantage of certain techniques, such as remarketing. This targets prospects who have visited your site but failed to take the desired action, with an aim to draw them back.

Follow-up emails can be effective, too. Offer potential customers a discount or small freebie as an incentive to buy the product they had their eye on. Don’t let them drop out of your sales funnel without a fight.

5. Be Nurturing and Personal with Every Converted Lead

Customers want to feel valued and respected by brands, however only 17 percent actually feel that way.

Showing a little appreciation is key to keeping converted leads satisfied and likely to return. Add a specific page to be displayed once visitors have taken the target action (making a purchase, registering with your service etc.). Invite them to provide feedback on their experience or even offer a reduced rate for their next purchase.

Send emails to keep customers engaged over time too. Distribute news and deals relevant to their purchase history, promote your latest blog post or just let them know about upcoming services. Send quick surveys to gather feedback, with free entry into a giveaway as a reward for their time.

In short: make them feel unique rather than just another faceless buyer.

You’ll build a stronger relationship with them and remain in their thoughts. Even if they haven’t visited your site in some time, they’ll know where to go next time they need a certain product or service.

Building a Good Funnel Isn’t Actually That Hard

Building a killer sales funnel might seem daunting, but these five steps help to make it all easier.

You have to focus on making your business stand out and appeal to your target demographics using specific techniques, instead of just hoping for the best. Generating strong leads, guiding them to the desired action and showing why you’re the only choice worth considering will help drive conversions.

Just make sure you understand what makes your company special and what you offer that others can’t.

What techniques do you find helpful in building an effective sales funnel? What else would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.