5 Essential AWS Tips to Improve Efficiency

The AWS umbrella of tools can offer significant benefits for Coders and Developers. Many of these tools have been created with the intention to automate your processes as much as possible, making the entire process flow from writing the code to finalizing the software program much easier.

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If you are new to AWS, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. After all, there are so many various tools and add-ons available, it can be tricky to decipher precisely which ones are going to beneficial for you to integrate within your operation. This article aims to provide a little food for thought by assessing the various AWS tools and uses for improving operational efficiency.

Build and Integrate a Continuous Integration/ Delivery Pipeline

AWS offers incredibly valuable tools that aid you in building a CI/CD pipeline and effortlessly integrating it into your operation. One of the key tools that you should be using from AWS is the AWS Code Pipeline. Every time a code is modified in some way, the CI testing tools within AWS Code Pipeline automatically start performing extensive background checks to ensure that there are no errors or faulty/broken codes. Once given the green light that all is good to go, the pipeline software pushes the code through to the next stage. If there are any issues, the software will enable you to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong and where.

The benefits of automating code testing with Continuous Integration should be obvious: a computer can offer much more extensive and reliable testing than a manual test ever could. Not only are manual tests incredibly time consuming, they also use up a lot of resources/manpower and only provide a snapshot of the coding situation. The potential for manual tests to miss critical issues is too significant. Automating this stage of your operation enables you to be quicker and more efficient.

See the AWS Code Pipeline Testing Tools as Improvement Metrics for Your Team

After you use the AWS Code Pipeline tool to test your code modifications, the preferred outcome is that everything is okay with the code and you are ready to proceed. In some circumstances though, sooner or later you are going to encounter issues. Fortunately, CI tools such as this AWS tool make it very easy to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. Not only is this helpful in ensuring that problematic code does not slip through the cracks, it can also be considered as a learning and development tool for your team.

Coding errors can be brought up in team meetings to help your Coders and Developers understand what went wrong and why. This helps ensure that all of your team are fully informed and educated, thereby reducing the chances of something like this happening again. If you notice that one or two members of your team are responsible for frequently causing errors and issues, you will know who needs additional training and support. In this way, AWS tools help your entire team and operation become more efficient.

Utilize Amazon S3 Storage to Make Data Centralized and Easily Accessible

If there was an AWS tool that guarantees efficiency, Amazon S3 storage would be it. This useful, cost-effective tool essentially acts like cloud storage for data. The storage capacity of the program is huge, and helps you to ensure that everything you and your team could possibly need is centralized in one space, rather than having to traipse around various corners of the internet or your company’s drives and folders searching for something. There are various S3 best practices to take into consideration, but generally this tool is very easy and straightforward to use. It is also possible to secure and protect your data and files using the encryption tools provided.

Opt to Use AWS Code Build Instead of Your Own Servers

The AWS Code Build tool is significantly more efficient than using your own servers. Why is that? Well the program quickly compiles codes, tests them, and builds software packages that are then ready for deployment. It is incredibly convenient to build software packages in this way instead of having to invest in your own servers, and consistently scale them up to maximize capacity. If you have more than one task/software package that you need to work on at once, the AWS Code Build program can run both of them in parallel. That means that there are no delays and there is no time wasted waiting around.

Use AWS Cloud 9 for Code Building on the Go

The AWS Cloud 9 tool is an IDE that enables users to write, edit and test codes all through an internet browser. It is already set up to use in conjunction with the essential applications that you may need such as PHP, Python and Java. The beauty of this tool though lies in the fact that because it is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere – home, work, etc. This means that you don’t have to install programs on your computer that will take up lots of space. If you and your development team are out of town for conferences, business meetings, etc, your code writing efforts will not suffer as a result, since the AWS Cloud 9 tool can be easily accessed on the move.