5 Expert Advices on Building an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

The days of broadcasting messages to a captive audience from an all-knowing expert are long gone. Digital technologies, the internet, and mobile devices have altered the customer journey. They have given the customer a more active role content creation and consumption. It is for this reason that you may need to relook at your content marketing campaigns to determine how you can make them effective in these changing times.

For people who have been running campaigns using traditional media such as newspapers and television, it may be a challenge to decide when to start when building a content campaign in digital times. Below is some expert advice on how you can start.

1. Create a content strategy

Writing for the HubSpot blog, Justine McGill, founder of a lead generation platform, advised that any content marketing campaign should start with developing a content strategy. A content strategy is a plan that will tell you whether you are going to send out blog posts to authority sites with links to your content or you will find the best free website builder for small business and publish your own content.

According to Justine, having a good content strategy helps you to answer the following questions.

  • Who is our content marketing campaign aimed at?
  • What customer pain points is our content marketing campaign going to solve?
  • How is our content marketing campaign going to differ from everything else out there?
  • Which channels will we use to publish our content?
  • What formats will we focus on?
  • How will we manage content creation and publishing?

2. Understand your objectives

Sean Si is a motivational speaker and editor of the blog of a company that manages search engine optimization. He advises that any content marketing campaign should start with clearly set out goals.

It may be tempting to use the “spray and pray” method where you just start a content marketing campaign and hope that it will solve all your problems. However, you are likely to waste your resources if you have not clearly indicated what you want to see as a result of the campaign.

Setting your goals will involve making decisions as to whether you want your content to create brand awareness or to call customers to action. Sometimes, the goal could simply be to correct a misconception about your product or to do some public relations. Whatever the goal, it has to be clear to you before you start creating the content.

3. Use metrics to measure success

Lana Busby is a manager responsible for creating content for a marketing website and emphasizes the importance of metrics. If you have clearly defined your goals, you will then need to find a way of determining whether you have achieved those goals or not. Unless you have a clearly defined way of measuring whether the campaign has been successful or not, you are not likely to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Using metrics tells you what the return on your investment is. This gives you a chance to change certain aspects of your campaign if they are not bringing in the right value.

4. Create valuable content

At the center of your content marketing campaign lies valuable content. Writing for startups.com, Pat Ahern, a director of traffic generation in a digital marketing agency advises on the importance of valuable content.

According to Pat, valuable content is not only content that is useful but it should also be easy to digest. If your audience is unable to understand the good content because you are using complicated jargon, you are not likely to meet the objectives of your campaign.

5. Understand the importance of integration

Venchito Tampon is a content marketing expert who writes for a number of content marketing blogs and also offers professional link building services. He advises that it is important to appreciate how different aspects of online marketing can be integrated when creating a content marketing campaign.

For instance, Venchito notes that integrating social media into a content marketing campaign can help you to promote your content to a target audience even if your brand is not yet well known.  Social media is also a great place to get an idea of what people are saying about your brand and other brands.