5 Glaring Signs That Your Business Requires Cloud Computing Services

Today, businesses are operating in a space defined by constant technological revolution. The need for consumer mobile apps is at an all-time high. On the other hand, there is huge pressure to use big data in more meaningful ways. Many companies and organizations are also grappling with cyber threats and constant security risks. These, among others, are the reasons behind steady migration to the cloud. Many businesses embrace the cloud due to security, big data, and flexibility.

According to a recent survey, 71% of businesses today rely on hybrid cloud. Simply put, this is a blend of both public and private cloud deployments. For businesses that have embraced cloud computing, you surely understand the benefits more than what a set of words can convey. You only need to find out if your current approach to cloud computing is sufficient or if there is something you can do to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals. For those that are yet to embrace cloud computing, you should look out for clear signs that your organization is ‘pleading’ for cloud intervention.

Increased downtime issues

It is agreeable that downtime issues are costly affairs. Many businesses lose countless hours of productivity due to downtime issues. Businesses with unreliable infrastructure and multiple downtime concerns cast an unprofessional image in the corporate arena.

Consistent downtime can result from various issues including hardware failure, irregular maintenance, and human errors. Migrating to the cloud reduces the occurrence of some of these issues. Cloud services are reliable and come with increased uptime. Through various disaster recovery solutions and built-in redundancy plans, cloud computing can guarantee a business more uptime. If your business is consistently down, it might be the ideal time to move to the cloud.

Aging hardware components

Generally, computer systems, especially the hardware components, have a useful economic life. During this period, there is need for regular updates, consistent backups, and maintenance services. Exploring such options ensures the various components successfully exhaust their economic life. When aging sets in however, very little can be done to keep the systems going. If you realize that the systems and current hardware are rapidly aging and are in need of regular maintenance, switching to the cloud might be a great idea.

Instead of sinking huge financial investments to facilitate the replacement of various hardware components, first think of the cloud and find out how it will come handy. It doesn’t suggest you will no longer need various computer hardware components in your organization or business. What you can be certain about is that there will be a sharp decline in hardware requirements the moment you embrace cloud services.

Unpredictable IT expenses

For a business to operate efficiently and even make profits, most of its expenses should be predictable. Of course there is the miscellaneous bit which we can do every little about. However, you need to be able to budget for the larger proportion, especially when you are handling IT expenses. If your IT team is consistently struggling with multiple IT issues, thereby inflating the IT costs unnecessarily, you must review if that level of uncertainty is what you want your business hinged on.

Strategic planning and cost reductions require predictable IT costs. You can unleash the financial benefits of predictable IT costs by investing in cloud services. It is known that managed IT is a predictable cost. Recent research has also revealed that it has the potential of reducing IT costs by up to 40% while effectively doubling efficiency of the operations.

Limited IT expertise

An in-house IT team ensures the smooth running of daily IT operations. For small businesses, you might not have the capacity to invest in such a team. Even if you want to embrace cloud technology, there might be the other bit of adoption barrier. Hiring internal IT expertise, especially those handling cloud issues, can be a costly affair for the small and medium size businesses.

Opting for reliable cloud services New York providers makes sense in such cases. In adopting cloud technology, you need to choose a reliable service provider that will help you walk the journey. Hiring in-house IT experts can be demanding in terms of costs and other resources. Cloud service providers offer consultation, management, and optimization of your systems to ensure an efficient operation. This gives you more time to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Repeated security threats

Lastly, constant security threats should also drive you into adopting cloud computing. The financial losses that come with security breach might not be easy to recover from. The cleanup costs and compliance costs might result in further financial constraints. By engaging a reputable cloud service provider, you can benefit significantly from the various security plans they have in place.

For businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge over their counterparts in the same industry, there is need to capitalize on cloud technology. Apart from obvious benefits, keeping up with technology also ensures your business remains relevant. Do not ignore the glaring signs that your business requires cloud services.


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