5 Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

Content creation is a kickass marketing tactic that successfully drives leads and conversions for over a decade. According to the report, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as traditional marketing types and costs 62% less. The benefits of content marketing don’t end there:

  • Quality posts improve search engine ranking.
  • It improves your professional reputation.
  • Raises brand awareness.
  • Builds customer trust and loyalty.
  • It’s less intrusive than traditional marketing.
  • Makes the job easier for customer service agents.
  • Helps you increase marketing ROI.

But this is exactly what makes this marketing format extremely competitive. Online authors publish thousands of posts on a daily basis, thus making it very difficult to get your foot in the door and make the content discoverable.

In such circumstances, content promotion becomes almost as important and time-consuming as content creation. It takes a clever plan to boost the visibility of your new piece of content, so keep reading to learn five ways how to do it.

1. Send Email to Your Subscribers

Email may be the oldest digital marketing channel, but it is still one of the most popular means of promotion. We guess you already have a nice list of email subscribers, so why wouldn’t you use it to keep the audience informed about the new post?

The copy itself is fundamental, but don’t forget that it all begins with a subject line. If you want to ensure a high open rate, you must write a killer title to grab the recipient’s attention instantly. Use humor, statistics, names, emojis – whatever works for your audience is completely legit as long as you can inspire them to check out your message.

The best writing services from the Edu Birdie review list understand the importance of subject lines and always pay special attention to this element, so make sure to consult with them if you need any ideas or copywriting suggestions.

2. Share a Post on Social Media

Social media can grant you exposure to over three billion daily active users, so you cannot afford not to take advantage of this content promotion mechanism. Of course, you don’t have to waste time administering accounts on every single network, but it’s mandatory to focus on platforms that your target audience loves.

For instance, B2B organizations usually focus on LinkedIn and Twitter, while marketers who target younger audiences prefer Instagram and Facebook. What makes social networks so special is that they attract thousands of communities, thus giving you the opportunity to join niche-related groups and present them with your new posts.

Another thing you need to consider is adding social share buttons to your website because it’s a great way to increase visibility. If you are administering a WordPress-powered site, all you need to do is install one of the social share plugins.

3. Be Active on Q/A Websites

Question-and-answer (Q/A) websites like Quora are getting increasingly popular in the last few years. They attract millions of users because clever marketers publish top-notch answers over there and evoke curiosity among their fans. How does it work?

First of all, you need to create a profile, add a trustworthy photo, and describe yourself in one sentence. That way, every user who reads your answers will immediately see who you are and what you do. Secondly, you need to focus on questions directly related to your field of work, but take care of content optimization and relevance because you do want to attract verified leads only.

When you write an all-encompassing answer, you can add a link to your new post to inspire readers to engage. Keep in mind, however, that your link has to be highly relevant and add value to the answer. If you can achieve this, then you can build professional authority and succeed at attracting new visitors to your website.

4. Use Paid Ads

It would be perfect to grow traffic only organically, but more often than not you’ll need to invest some money to promote your new piece of content. Luckily enough, sponsored content on social platforms usually doesn’t require too high a budget.

Besides that, it’s a very rewarding tactic because it allows you to launch highly targeted campaigns. Take Facebook Ads for example – the platform gives you the chance to target fans extremely precisely:

  • Core audiences: Facebook Ads enable ultra-precise targeting based on demographic features such as age, gender, location, education, personal interests, and many more.
  • Custom audiences: This is the way to promote content among users who already have contact with your brand. Facebook targets them based on the history of interactions with your content.
  • Lookalike audiences: The third option is to target users who look like your existing fans or customers.

5. Repurpose Content

The last tip on our list is not only helping you to promote the content. Mark Gardner, a marketing expert, says content repurposing also allows you to produce more posts and to add to the versatility of your offer.

Let’s say that you are focusing primarily on blog posts. In this case, you risk losing a lot of followers who prefer visual content. Therefore, you can promote new articles through repurposing: turn blogs into infographics or videos and tons of passive followers will probably give it a try in the new format.


Building a profitable business is almost impossible without a comprehensive content marketing strategy. But as the competition keeps increasing year after year, you need to learn how to distribute your posts and make them discoverable.

In this article, we explained five methods for promoting your new piece of content. Make sure to remember and use our tools, but let us know in comments if you have other interesting suggestions to share with our readers.

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