5 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Customer Engagement

In a digital-first world, it’s important that brands know how to keep their customers happy.

It’s easier than ever for consumers to reach out, interact and engage with brands online. But that also means that customers expect a response immediately. Additionally, many customer service responses are now done in the public eye.  

Therefore, businesses need to start investing in digital tools that can radically transform how customers are treated – from the first inquiry and often through the entire life-cycle of the product.

Fortunately, several new digital tools are aiding in to customer service. Here are 5 powerful tools that can help brands provide top-level service to their customers.

5 Powerful Tools to Up Your Customer Service Game

1. ClickDesk

ClickDesk is an intuitive customer service solution that provides live chat, help desk functionality and a social toolbar that allows customer service reps to provide support on social media profiles.  This is the perfect tool for growing eCommerce businesses looking to facilitate happy, helpful interactions with their audience.

Studies report that live online chat provides the highest customer satisfaction rating among other customer service touch points like email or phone calls. ClickDesk provides smart chat tools that empower your team to respond quickly and accurately.

Consumers are looking for online support – the kind that comes immediately. And this top-notch solution provides video, messaging, and chat support. 

2. MixMax

MixMax is a robust email platform that empowers customer service teams to provide top-quality service while saving time. For example, rather than write the same customer service responses over-and-over, Mixmax allows users to create templates, allowing the team to respond in a single click. Additionally, using rules, CS teams can segment email lists in seconds and send important information proactively to a specific group of users.

This platform gives customer service teams the ability to make emails do more work. Mixmax offers instantly meeting calendaring, where recipients can instantly click a time that works for them and allows for in-email polls, which can help gather customer preferences quickly.

3. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a great solution for teams looking to send emails to a large group of customers. Brands can use Campaign Monitor to build beautiful, relevant newsletters with very little HTML or CSS coding.

The WYSIWYG email editor can make emails look sharp and professional in minutes. Once sent, Campaign Monitor provides key email metrics like open-rates, bounce-rates and click-throughs.  

Campaign Monitor allows for seamless dialogue between brands and their customers, solidifying a foundation of positive experiences.

4. Instabot

Instabot is a simple and effective chatbot for websites and mobile applications.

This intuitive AI bot provides users with immediate assistance, guiding them on their journey and answering any questions they might have about a brand, their products, and services.

Instabot was built to increase conversions, making it easier for brands to facilitate an open channel of dialogue that can be tracked to actionable results.

5. ZenDesk

ZenDesk offers powerful customer management services that companies of all sizes use to lower support costs, raise CS productivity and increase customer satisfaction. 

One of ZenDesk’s most used tool is the ticketing system. This ticket system creates a ticket for every customer support inquiry which can be automatically given a severity level and assigned to the right team member.  The platform also offers customer support tracking, making it easier to see what comments and complaints are coming in and making time to resolve them with ease.

Similarly, ZenDesk offers live chat and support messaging to give consumers real-time help when they need it.

The Power of Customer Service Tools

Customer services can help automate some of the repetitive tasks done by customer service teams and allow them to focus on providing the highest level of support. The right tools can provide customer service teams with more visibility into the customer journey and customer concerns. Additionally, tools like chatbots and email platforms can help reps answer customer’s questions faster and more accurately. The right tools help CS teams with immediate support and assistance, ensuring customers are as happy as they can be.

With these tools, brands can ensure that their internal teams are equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

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