5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Content Marketing

If you run your own business, then there are three things you focus on, drive more traffic, convince customers to buy, and make them come back. This all depends on your product and how you market it. Following, we are going to suggest the most effective way of marketing something and explain a few reasons why you should adopt it.

People Love it

People love watching videos, and it’s one of the three popular activities online. They are fun and easy digest. A recent survey revealed people lose interest in a company that doesn’t feature any video content on their site. Therefore, it suggests companies that invest in video marketing knowhow to win their customers as they make themselves interesting, and savvy.

E-commerce never changed people’s love for videos, and nearly 30% online shoppers want more video content from e-commerce sites with product descriptions, tutorials,and customer reviews.

It Promotes Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the most attractive thing for visitors. Businesses spend a fortune trying to get high-quality sites as it increases their site’s authority. Improves their SERPs and increases their organic traffic. The equation is simple; high quality means more organic traffic.

Google analyzes a website’s quality through bounce rate.  Whenever someone drives its visitors away right after they show up, it makes the site look bad. As search engine avoids low-quality sites, they don’t drive organic traffic.

Therefore, investing in Video Content Marketing can help control the bounce rate. Videos have high engagement. Thus it helps your site attract organic traffic.

They Effectively Spread the Message

Consumer prefers video content but how does it affect business? If you want people to buy from you, instead of just indulging in content, you need to use videos to help them with their purchase-decision process.

People prefer watching videos about a product rather than reading about them. Most people learn better about a service or product through explainer videos, and it helps with the decision process. Most users view a product video more than one to make their mind.  Viewing video content has a unique way of how it affects the decision process, and conveys your message.

Improves Conversions

Videos have a deep impact on purchase decision process and thus bump the conversion rate. Explainer videos help consumers to learn more about a product or service they want to buy.This promotes people to engage with the brand and learn more about what it offers.

Demos are also effective to improve conversion rate. A recent study shows that Video Content Marketing improves your CTR 27% with 35% web conversion rates.

Marketers Love it

It’s simple, people love it, videos help attract more traffic, improve conversion rates, and marketers are aware of it. Almost every online marketer uses video content to expand their business, and see it as an important element of their marketing effort.

However, videos are believed to be the most difficult content to create despite their effectiveness.  It’s because they are very diverse with types including customer reviews, tutorials, demos, etc.

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