5 Recent Google AdWords Updates Your eCommerce Team Needs to Know

As everyone’s favorite 80’s teen hero Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast,” and Ferris never ran an eCommerce campaign on Google AdWords!

The Google AdWords platform is updated on a regular basis. You get a few warnings here and there, but if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss something important.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up five of the most recent major updates that you should really get a handle on. Quickly read up on them here, then take the rest of the day off.

1. Call-Only PPC Campaigns

According to the official Google AdWords blog, 70 percent of mobile search users call a business direct from the search results they’re presented with. This marks one of the biggest changes to search since the era of mobile rang in.

If most of your audience prefer to call than to click through, why not take advantage of call-only PPC campaigns? These will allow you to create specific ad content that is geared towards telephone information and presents the user with a large call button that they simply can’t miss.

call-only-campaignsWith this in place, every click you pay for is essentially a phone call straight to your sales team. Best of all, a bidding strategy around CPA or ROAS goal for calls can be modeled. Just remember if you are going to use call only campaigns, make sure your call to action is strong. Something as simple as “call now” is a focused and effective way to encourage calls.

call-now2. Upgraded URLs

As search continues to evolve in this era of mobile, and due to the fact we live in a state of constant connectivity, there are now more ways than ever for customers to engage with your brand or business. Although this evolution means you now have a lot more data to pore over, there is a way to make life a little easier.

Upgraded URLs allow you track and then manage what happens after users click on your ads quicker and easier than before. These upgraded ads allow you to update the landing page URL and the tracking information on AdWords separately. This is extremely useful as you can update your tracking information without having to re-set any of your ad statistics.

This new feature doesn’t just make life simpler; it gives users access to even more information than before – just make sure you make the most of it. For example, you may want to track the number of clicks you received by location. This is known as a ValueTrack parameter and there are more where that came from.

3. Google Trusted Stores

As we all know, shopping online is all about trust. Users aren’t going to click on an ad if they don’t recognize the brand or don’t have confidence in it. For some brands, this may sound like bad news, but before you go thinking that your dreams have been crushed, Google Trusted Stores is now even easier to join.

A Google Trusted Stores certification tells users that your website offers a consistently brilliant eCommerce experience. And best of all, it’s free. When you become qualified you earn a badge which you can proudly display on your website, as well as your Google Shopping. But perhaps the most important aspect is that Google will now offer your customers free purchase protection.

This is obviously a massive boost in getting your customers to trust your brand and something you should look to implement into your eCommerce site. It’s also very easy to do.

google-trusted-sourcesAll you have to do is create an account and add two small pieces of code to your website.

Every review you collect via Google Trusted Stores helps you to qualify for seller ratings, which can then be displayed on your AdWords ads and Google Shopping. This means you can also add review extensions to your ads based on the information. This is another free and very easy to use feature that could help you gain the competitive edge over other advertising real estate in the SERPS.

trusted-source-google4. Ad Customizers

You may recall the end of 2014 where Google introduced a brand new tool to AdWords. This tool allowed users to show text ads that were more relevant to the individual customers, all in real time. This was especially useful in cases where the brand offered thousands of products, services, and promotions.

One of the most popular customization options which are proving extremely useful for users is the countdown widget. This widget helps to create urgency and encourage more clicks by dynamically counting the number of days left in a sale or promotion. You don’t have to create urgency by exhaustively changing your ad copy every single day, as Google will essentially handle this for you.

ad-customizersTo set up this countdown in your ad text, just head to the Ads tab and type “{=” into any line of the ad text. Google offers you the opportunity to preview what your countdown will look like before going live too.

In addition, you’ll also find ad customizers for updating customers on daily deals and any new promotions you’re running, which ensures the most up to date inventory of your products possible. It’s a powerful tool and one that could make your ads more compelling.

5. New AdWords Editor

Perhaps the biggest update of late 2014 was the all new AdWords Editor. Google has enhanced the features of what is widely regarded as one of the most popular tools on the platform. You are now able to open multiple windows at once, allowing you to view different parts of your account at the same time. You could have your keyword list open while simultaneously making more ad copy. This is an extremely useful feature that helps you to manage multiple accounts at the same time and drag and drop content between them.

If you use AdWords, you’ll understand the frustration of navigating through large accounts. A new ‘find’ functionality makes it simpler than ever to find what you need. A new advanced search bar has been added which allows you to use multiple search criteria at once and even save particular searches for later use.

ad-words-editorAlthough this is not a physical change that you can make to ad copy or ad structure, this feature could breathe new life into the way you manage your eCommerce campaigns.

Used correctly, these new changes all come together to help you run a successful campaign. And as we all know a better-managed campaign means a better return.

This article originally appeared on Hit Search.

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