5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Product Pages

When you have an ecommerce store, the pages that are doing the most work are the product pages. If they are not highly optimized and functioning to the best of their ability, you are missing out on sales. How do you know if you need to improve these pages? In this article, we will talk about the 5 signs you need to improve your product pages.

High Bounce Rate

If people are clicking on your product page and they are immediately clicking away, there is something wrong. There could be different reasons for a high bounce rate, but if you notice that a lot of people are coming to your site and immediately leaving, you need to look deeper. Which pages is this happening on the most? How bad is the bounce rate?

Digging deeper into your challenge is important so that you can have more of an understanding why your product pages are not doing well so that you can remedy this with a proper ecommerce optimization guide. Learning that you have a problem isn’t a bad thing. If you didn’t try to find a solution for the problem, that would be a bad thing. Problems allow us to find out what is not working on our product pages so we can make them better.

Low Conversions

If you are experiencing low conversions, this is another sign that you need to improve your product page. You’ve done all of the work to get the lead to see the product, they have shown interest in the product and now they have clicked away, what is wrong with this picture? How can you make sure that you have less people that see the product page but do not convert?

Low Opt-in Rate

If you have an email capture form on your site but no one is opting in, that is largely due to the fact that your product page is not compelling. People do not want to do business with you because your product page did not sell them no doing business with you. If people are not opting in, they do not want to hear from you and that is a clear sign that you product page needs improvement.

Low Returning Customer Rate

If you’ve made a sale to someone and they are on your “buyer list” this is supposed to be some of the highest converting people that you can sell to. If you are sending emails, they are clicking and then getting to the product page and not buying, here is another sign you need to up your game.

Low Profit Margins

If you can’t sell your products at a price point where you can make a decent profit margin, you product pages are not doing the heavy lifting you need them to do. Products in person may have a salesperson to speak for them, but online products do not. The best thing they have is the page they are on. You need to make sure it is doing its job.

Creating a High Performing Product Page

There are 4 things to look at when it comes to your amazing product page. Those things are your product, your brand, your copywriting and your page’s design and user experience.

Your Product

Depending on what your product is, you might need to display and present it a little differently from one product to the next, but one of the things that never changes is that people want to see what they are getting. Showing people what they are getting through clear pictures and even short videos can help increase your conversion rate.

If your product is a high ticket item, you might need to answer more questions, do comparisons and help the person understand why this product is superior to others that are available on the market. This is where a video demo could come in handy.

Your Brand

People love buying into brands. If you have told your brand story well and it is compelling, you can be sure that this part of the equation is taken care of.

Your Copywriting

A boring product description can kill the sale right away. You need to have a product description that truly speaks to the buyer and speak to them in their language. If you are working with a product that has a professional audience, you would write copy that is very different than the copy that you would write if you were writing to someone that was a young gamer.

Your Page’s Design & User Experience

If you are new to the online world, you may not understand much about page design and how to make sure your user gets a good experience, but what you can understand is if you have ever had a bad experience. I’m sure you didn’t go looking for that store again the next time you wanted to spend money.

Making sure that your ecommerce site is set up in a way that the user can enjoy their shopping experience and get excited when their purchase is on the way is important. If your potential customer finds it difficult to add their product to the cart, enter their personal information, enter their card information, create an account, take a survey or anything else you might be trying to get them to do on the site, they are going to associate your site with pain, not pleasure.

Taking the extra time to ensure that you customer gets the product they want at a fair price with ease is what your goal should be when you are thinking about improving your product page. There is a lot that goes into it, but once you have it set up, you can start to scale and improve even more.