5 Things Indirectly Hindering Your Ability to Create Content

As a CMO or marketing manager, you’re so inundated with information that simply taking action is sometimes a major accomplishment. Your favorite blogs and periodicals tell you one thing, your management team tells you another, your friends and peers are discussing new strategies that contradict your current ones and everything just seems to blend together. So, rest assured, this isn’t another article telling you how to do your job. This is an article about how to start doing the little things right in order to begin moving forward.

5 Seemingly Small, Yet Important, Productivity-Killers

They may seem small, but take it from businesses that have been there before: These five issues can seriously hamper your team’s ability to create content on a daily basis:

Not having integrated communications

Are you still playing the old game of converting files from one format to another, finding ways to use certain software with different hardware and driving your IT guys crazing by asking them to go back and forth between various solutions? By investing in integrated hardware, you can ensure you don’t run into more of these problems than you have to. After all, nothing kills your ability to produce timely, relevant content than having to wait for everything to fall into place.

As Nexgen, a leading hardware integration specialist, points out in this article, “If you’re working with a network of people, you need to have a way to effectively communicate with each other.” If your phone is on one system, your CMS platform on another and your servers are isolated in a room all by themselves, your communications are neither integrated nor efficient. Looking into cloud-based solutions may be your best bet.

Holding too many meetings

How many meetings do you hold on a daily basis? If the answer is anything more than one or two, you should review your processes. According to this survey of 2000 managers, 30 percent believe their time is wasted in meetings. Does that sound familiar?

While it’s not reasonable to nix all meetings, you can certainly stand to eliminate a few and shorten the others to allow your content marketing team more time to actually get work done, not just talk about getting work done. By shortening the length of meetings, you can increase urgency and productivity within them.

Failing to filter and prioritize interruptions

Did you know the average person spends 2.6 hours per day reading and answering work emails? That’s more than 25 percent of the work day and approximately 85 eight-hour work days per year. No wonder you’re in a content rut!

By developing rules for when emails should be checked and investing in better email management solutions, you can greatly enhance your team’s ability to produce quality content.

Forcing writers to work certain hours

There’s something to be said for establishing order within your organization, but be very careful with how you manage writers and other creative professionals. Certain people do better in the morning, while others need a late afternoon kick to spark their imagination. Furthermore, most writers can only stay fresh for a few hours at a time before needing a break.

Giving your content marketing team the ability to set their own schedules (within reason) can completely change the overall mood and quality within the department. For example, some people may choose to come in at 6 a.m. and leave at 2 p.m., while others will be much fresher if they’re allowed to stroll in at 10 a.m., take an extended lunch break, and leave around 7 p.m. The moral of the story is to avoid letting rigid schedules kill productivity.

Not developing your brand voice

Nothing is more debilitating to a writer than not knowing what type of voice or style to use. And how are your writers supposed to know what tone to write in if you haven’t spent time developing and explaining a brand voice?

“A brand’s tone of voice should be distinctive, recognizable and unique,” writes Harriet Cummings, a copy editor at Distilled. Have you taken the time to develop a tone that reflects your business with these three characteristics in mind?

Get Out of the Content Rut

While it’s easy to get bogged down in big picture ideas, make day-to-day productivity a priority in your organization. By taking care of what may seem like small details and hindrances, you can get out of your content rut and continue to produce stellar content that attracts leads and increases conversions.

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