5 Things You Must Do to Increase Your Social Media Visibility

The era of influencer marketing has distorted the perception of social media. Businesses happen to look at it as a bypass to reach their audience, mostly unaware of the complexities of this particular marketing channel. Tens of thousands of followers which many influencers have tend to either be bought or are fake social media profiles. A lot of hard work and dedication can account for the remainder.

During the times when social media was new, it was easier to propagate an idea or campaign just by getting page likes, as your content would reach the target audience. With frequent algorithm updates, hoping for engagement with a couple of hundred followers is a disappointing expectation. There’s a very high possibility the content might not reach your target group at all, as if you were talking to a brick wall.

All the algorithm updates are in one way or another, trying to push the social media influencers to go for paid promotions.

How important is it to have an Engaging Social Presence?

Whether you’re an individual influencer or a business entity, having an outstanding social profile comes with great benefits. Instagram for instance receives more than 500 million active users every day, and this opens the opportunity for making meaningful and monetarily rewarding connections. Social media is indeed a great platform to humanize your brand and be closer to your target audience. Establishing yourself as a thought-leader is a lot easier on social media, the go-to place for many people for information, than the internet at large. Therefore, if you’re a social media newbie, I am sure you’d like to increase your visibility too.

Here’s what you can do to match the new directives of social channels and cater to your lack of organic reach.

5 Steps to Increase Your Social Media Visibility

Don’t let yourself become a wallflower on social media. Reach the audience your shooting for and increase overall social media visibility by using these steps:

1. Choose the Right Time to Post

This is hands down the best tip I can give to anyone who’s a social media newbie. Timing is the key. Social networking sites operate on algorithms that use post and profile engagements to determine ranking and hence exposure. The greater engagement your profile achieves, the better the chances for more exposure. Now in order to bolster those views, post your content at the times when social media traffic is at its peak. Statistically, the following days receive maximum engagement during these time slots:


  1. Best time: 1400 hrs to 1500 hrs
  2. Consistent Engagement: Tuesday through Friday from 0900 hrs to 0400 hrs.
  3. Best Day to post: Thursday 1500 hrs, 0500 hrs, 1100 hrs, and 1600 hrs
  4. Relatively Worse Days: Saturday & Sunday


  1. 1300 hrs to 1500 hrs from Thursdays and Fridays
  2. 2000 hrs on Thursdays
  3. 1300 hrs to 1600 hrs on Weekends


  1. Best Time: Monday through Thursdays, 1300 to 1500 hrs
  2. Worst Time: Fridays after 1500 hrs and after 2000 hrs on Weekends

2. Incorporate Hashtags Ingeniously

Hashtags are a keyword preceded by the symbol ‘#’. They were created and later popularized by Twitter, where a user would use them to reach and contribute to a particular conversation or debate pertaining to a particular subject.

Moreover, it also helps newbies and influencers to broaden their reach to the desired audience and market their brand effectively.

Most of the hashtags lie in following categories pertaining to:

  • Industry: #food, #travel
  • Niche: #barbecue, #adventure, #solotravel
  • Brand: #pastryaffairs, #nickinandnina
  • Community: #technologyenthusiasts, #harleyownersgroup
  • Location: #gamersoflondon
  • Event: #mondaymotivation, #tedtalks

Stats claim a 12.6% boost in engagement rates by incorporating a single hashtag in your post. You can go on to using the following number of hashtags on different social platforms and amplify your social media visibility like a pro.

  • One or at most two hashtags for Facebook
  • At most two hashtags for Twitter
  • A total of 11 hashtags on either your post or story is ideal for Instagram

3. Let That Wallet See the light of the day

Use the quid pro quo technique. In other words, offer something in return for something of equal value.

Social media channels are constantly updating their algorithms to push businesses and individual influencers towards paid marketing options. These days, you can go on posting tons of good quality content and it might not even reach the desired audience. Whereas paid promotion choices present your content to the group of people who will actually find it relevant and useful therefore remarkably increasing the chances of fruitful conversions.

However, make sure you spend that money wisely. Know your target group! Have your objective clear as day.

4. Great looking Visuals, All the way

Social Media posts with images and visually appealing graphics, videos or GiFs are likely to get 35% more engagement than the ones without them. As supported by research,  investing in professional and good-looking visuals can go a long way. Not just Instagram but major social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter have also reported greater engagement on content pieces including visuals rather than long textual posts.

You must be wondering ‘How do I make it happen?’ There are a bunch of free online tools to assist you in this pursuit. Canva is an easier and equally effective alternative of complex software like Photoshop etc. Similarly, you can access high-quality stock photos over the internet from Pexels, Freepik, etc. Best describe your brand’s essence by including strikingly bold, color-rich, and stunning images.

5. Use the Quid Pro Quo Tactic

Human Beings have now been wired to ask this question whenever posed with a situation; “But what’s in it for me?”

With constant online exposure and having everything just a click away, the online community has a lower patience and attention span than ever. Hence, retaining their attention becomes a bigger challenge than attracting it in the first place.

People have loved small giveaways since forever; you can cater to this concern of retaining audience attention by conducting small polls and contests to keep things abuzz.

However massive and overwhelming the journey ahead might seem, follow these simple tactics to get ahead of at least 50% of the influencers shooting arrows blindly to reach the same audience as yours.

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