5 Ways Managed Cloud Hosting Protects Your Business

Operating a business in this day and age requires you to manage several applications and numerous amounts of data. As your IT requirements continue to grow, it can be challenging to meet the demands of your company’s workflow. Utilizing a managed private cloud solution may be your best option.

What Is a Managed Private Cloud and How Does It Work?

Utilizing a managed private cloud should help give your business a better level of security and control in a dedicated environment. Hosting for this type of service can be done at a third-party data center or on-site. Utilizing this type of service allows you to reap the benefits of a public cloud, which offers elasticity, self-service and scalability with additional control and customization features. Liquid Web, an hosting provider expert, describes the benefits of managed private clouds as “flexibility, guaranteed resource availability, strong security, and regulatory compliance, and in some cases, cost savings.”

Here are five reasons why you may want to use this option when you need to make sure your business is protected.

1. Offering Enhanced Security and Privacy

Utilizing a public cloud service offers security, but it isn’t an area where you should store sensitive data. Keeping your most important information private is necessary to help ensure it isn’t stolen by a nefarious party. Documents involving customer information or financial statements are safer when you keep them on a managed private cloud. With this type of architecture, your business is the only entity that has access to your documents, which is managed by the same IT department. This is especially important for regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

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2. Increases Your Control

Using a public cloud service usually locks you into a specific network setup. Utilizing a private network changes the control you have and allows you to set up a network environment that works best for your particular processes. Increasing your control should give you the management capabilities you require to handle your specific needs.

3. Improved Reliability

Keeping your sensitive data secure is essential when you’re working with private information belonging to customers or your financial data. You should receive improved reliability by utilizing a managed private cloud. Depending on making sure your sensitive information is kept secure is easier to handle with the way private cloud networks are operated. You’re able to pull resources from different areas efficiently, which can be extremely advantageous when you depend on the cloud network you’re using to be down as little as possible.

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4. Helps Ensure Business Continuity

Having your own infrastructure makes it easier to achieve business continuity. Technology changes at a rapid rate in today’s world. Keeping up with it is easier and more efficient when you are managing your own private network. There’s always a risk of a public cloud service going out of business. If this occurs, it can lead to disruption in workflow and the requirement for another solution. Utilizing an option that’s already private helps eliminate this from happening. You’ll feel less stressed when you can manage your challenges and not wonder what’s going on when the apps you’re using are freezing or are not even accessible for a few hours.

5. Staying Compliant With Specific Laws and Policies

Some information you may be handling requires you to use it under strict access control policies. Using a private service that ensures you stay compliant is the perfect solution. Complying with specific policies and laws is going to be better when your data is not available to a data breach when a public service gets hacked.

These five benefits associated with using a private service should help keep your business even more protected than it would by using a public cloud service.

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