5 Ways To Utilize LinkedIn For Marketing Success

You know you need to keep up to date with the latest and best platforms out there to reach your marketing goals. LinkedIn has been around for a while and is one of the most effective online professional platforms to date. Engaging trusted NYC SEO experts will ensure the full power of LinkedIn is used to reach new and existing customers.

Sadly, many professionals and businesses still do not know how to use it to its fullest potential. LinkedIn can serve as so much more than a glorified online poster for you and your company in several ways.

Here are the best strategies to use LinkedIn to its fullest marketing potential.

Establishing You as an Industry Expert


LinkedIn’s tools and opportunities do more than let the world know you exist. By using it effectively, you can also inform the world you are the trusted go-to expert in your field. It offers many opportunities to engage with prospective clients and to sell yourself indirectly.

Some of these ways include:

  • Creating and publishing useful and engaging content, such as blog posts and articles relating to the common concerns prevalent in your industry
  • Engaging in community forums, with other professionals in your industry, offering useful insights and advice

Using LinkedIn as a Sales Funnel



Instead of the general advertising other platforms offer, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to find, study, and contact your prospective clientele and industry decision-makers directly. By ensuring your profile and content is seen by the people you want to reach through effective optimization, with a clear call-to-action, you can get potential leads coming to you!

To Capture Valuable Data

Market research and client data can prove invaluable to businesses. LinkedIn helps you to do this in the most streamlined way. All the data can come to you. You can use the platform to thoroughly investigate and engage with your target audience as well as wholly study the competition.

It allows for more transparency across many industries, businesses, and professionals. You can accomplish this through organic engagement as well as through the data and analysis tools offered by LinkedIn, such as Lead Gen Forms, to get the information you need to make effective decisions.

Follow Up With Prospective Clients And Build Momentum



Offering multiple media platforms for engagement, LinkedIn provides the opportunities not only to make initial contact with your clientele but to further the business relationship in various ways. There are numerous groups, forums, chats, events, pages, competitions and different forms of conversation and interaction.

By using multiple channels of communication with your target customers and prospective business partners, you can create sustained engagement and build long-term momentum.

Harness The Power Of Social Selling



Social selling is steadily increasing in prominence in the world of business and especially within B2B marketing. More and more people rely on word-of-mouth from peers on social media, rather than traditional advertising.

According to Nielson, up to 80% of consumers buy a product after a recommendation from a friend they know, while LinkedIn reports that 90% of top salespeople use various forms of social selling. LinkedIn is not just any other social platform that is used for social selling but targeted to your market and one that validates you as a professional more effectively.

Your marketing goals can take off when you realize LinkedIn is so much more than just a glorified job board! It is time to start developing a more powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy.