7 Easy Hacks For Content Promotion

So, you have your content out there, and to be honest, it’s getting pretty lonely. Your traffic is down the tubes, your sales are slow, and you’re just not getting the results you hoped for. What’s the problem? Well, assuming your products and services are good, it must mean that your content isn’t pulling its weight. In fact, it might be time to reevaluate all of your content with an eye to improving it.

There are a number of relatively painless ways of doing this, but here are 10 that will give you a jump start.

Put some zing into your headlines

Which one of the following headlines do you think will attract the most attention: a) Enjoy dinner at our restaurant ; or b) Luxury dining at affordable prices … If you chose b) you’re a winner! It grabs the reader because it offers something distinctly different. Luxury dining that won’t break the bank. That gives it an edge, and a reason for people to go there. Are you creating headlines doing that?

Make sure your content has a call to action

Sometimes people have to be led. Let’s say your headline drew them in. They followed through and read the copy that followed. Now you’ve got them hooked and it’s time to reel them in. So, tell them what to do with a call to action and a powerful closing phrase … Pick up the phone and call right now! … Limited time offer. Hurry! … First 100 people to order will get a special prize! … It works!

Tailor your copy to your audience

You know who your audience is, but are you talking to them in their own language? For example, if your target audience is university professors your copy can be on the long side, and very erudite. That kind of copy wouldn’t work if you’re selling tools to auto mechanics. It would be short and sweet. You know the nuances of your target audience, to make them feel at home when they read your copy.

Promote your content on Social Media as often as you can

There’s no rule that says you can’t. It’s there, it’s free, so why not use it? Build up a following and use it to lure them to your site. If written the right way, you’ll get a lot of clicks, which translates into a lot ca-chings in your cash register.

Make it easy to share

If your click-to-tweet messages are located at the top, side, or bottom of your page, you’re making it difficult for your readers to share. Why not put them in the body of the copy? You’ve got them interested right then and there. Make it simple for them at act and send the information off to their friends

Pump up your “About Us” page

Sad to say, but your “About Us” page is the least read page on your site. You’re not alone, it is for just about everyone. You need to give your readers a reason to click on it. How about instead of the “About Us” designation, you call it something else – maybe “You have to read this!” or “Here’s how you can double your sales” Give them a reason to get them to click.

Yes, by all means, use pop-ups

Yup, everybody hates pop-ups. They can be annoying and intrusive. But, guess what? When they pop up, they generally get read. We’re so used to them, that we have come to expect them. Use them to your advantage!

The seven hacks are simple to implement, and can really boost your site’s traffic. That’s what you’re looking for, so why not start using them today!

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