7 Tips for Using Holiday Posts for Social Media Presence

social media expert

There are certain seasons that have long provided sales opportunities to certain businesses. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day for a greeting card company or Christmas for a retail shop, savvy marketers find a way to make the most of any brief increase in buying.

But shopping holidays go well beyond the Christmas and Valentine’s Day seasons. In fact, there are many holidays throughout the year that can serve as prime marketing opportunities for businesses. Using social media presence to drive revenue, brands are finding innovative ways to tie even the smallest holidays in with what they’re doing. Here are a few ways businesses are impressing customers with their holiday posts.

A Slice of Americana

Home improvement brands thrive during the Independence Day buying season, as celebrants purchase grilling equipment and tackle long-delayed home repairs. In 2013, Lowe’s put together a fun video that used its products to simulate fireworks. The post was re-tweeted and shared both on Twitter and Vine, giving the company extra publicity. Sometimes a fun, celebratory video can have a greater impact than one that specifically focuses on sales.

Celebrate the Earth

For natural brands, Earth Day has always provided a great opportunity to stress the importance of sustainability. But with social media, brands now celebrate with their followers. Businesses across all industries have now joined environmentally-friendly companies to demonstrate their own environmental efforts, showing how they reuse packaging, choose manufacturing methods with a minimal impact, and source alternative forms of energy to reduce their carbon footprint. When Earth Day arrives, those brands will appear alongside other brands under the #EarthDay hashtag, which social media users will be following.

A Play on Words

National Pi Day is March 14th, playing on the fact that the numbers three, one, and four are the first three numbers of the mathematical constant. Big brands now turn the day into “National Pie Day,” promoting new pie flavors and offering big discounts on pie. Some restaurants even offer free pie on Pi Day, luring customers in to enjoy a free dessert with each meal. Primarily, though, the date serves as the perfect opportunity to show off their most delicious desserts.

Coloring It Green

Green is one of the few colors that stand out most on social media. On St. Patrick’s Day, the color dominates user newsfeeds, with customers drawn to all of the photos of food and beverages dyed that color. Brands now use sites like Instagram to show off their St. Patty’s Day specials, especially the bars and event venues that host the holiday’s many partiers. The hashtag #GreenBeerDay gives brands an additional boost in traffic each year on March 17th.

Paying Tribute

Holidays like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day give brands a great opportunity to honor the men and women who have served in the military. This is a great way for businesses to support something they believe in. One memorable tribute was CNN’s 100 Faces, 100 Hours project, which featured the story of a U.S. casualty each hour for 100 hours. The posts were promoted across the news organization’s social media platforms.

Celebrate Youth

While it isn’t an official holiday, prom season tends to dominate personal social media posts. Yankee Candle got attention for helping out a young high school student as he asked his date to the prom. The video was also featured on the company’s Twitter page, giving it even more exposure. Relevant brands can enjoy a social media presence boost during prom season by creatively reaching out to high school students.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a top retail season, with consumers rushing to stores to find something for the women in their lives. Jewelry brands use image-based sites like Instagram to show off products that are particularly popular with moms, often featuring new collections and specials during the last weeks of April and the first week of May. Mom favorites like JCPenney also use social media presence to highlight the latest spring fashions in coordination with their Mother’s Day sales. A well-timed post could lead a customer to decide to shop with one brand over all others as they begin the gift search.

Throughout the year, there are multiple holidays that businesses can use to promote their products and services. With the right images and videos, brands can stand out in crowded news feeds and convince consumers to spend their money with them rather than competitors.