A Poorly-Crafted Headline Can Cost You A Fortune!

sharpen your headlines

I am sure you must have happened to stumble upon plenty of headlines each day but how many of them are interesting enough to make you read the entire write up? Very few, I guess. And do you know, why? Because most of them do not stir any interest in you and some of the most avid news are skipped. In today’s fast- paced world, “The headline says it all”. In a layman’s language, they practically reveal the entire story eliminating your need to read the whole post that’s too wordy and uninteresting. Thus, you need to get rid of poorly-crafted headlines and rattle your brain to come up with something catchy.

I have been writing for a couple of years and discovered that blog writing is all about crafting an alluring invitation to your prospective readers. It’s not about revealing the entire story in one go nor it’s about compelling anyone to do anything or take some call to action other than keep reading.

Down below I would like to mention a few mistakes which you’re committing on your blog post’s headline.
To start with:

#1 Misinterpreted headline

You may have experienced this ample of times that people write Click-worthy headlines which is compelling enough but the inner content turns out to be totally different. A few days back I happened to stumble upon an article named- “You will be surprised to see the naked truth of professionals.” But as soon as I read it further I found it was all about a person who recently started blogging. I felt pretty annoyed at that moment.

#2 Lengthy Headlines

If you are writing something keeping the SEO factor in mind or even just as a general reader perspective, longer headlines suck. Yes, readers often get confused whether they are reading the article or they are still reading the headline. Thus, I advice aspiring bloggers to play safe and craft a 50 to 60-word headline.
For example: “Here is an SEO guide which can boost the growth of your blog and make it discoverable to the world with the best positive results which can improve the ranking of your website.”
Yes, this was just a headline! Please do not commit such mistake!

#3 Overpromising headlines

Emphasizing on your headline seems okay but that doesn’t mean to bring the stars and moon on this planet. For example- You can become a billionaire with this guide. This sounds too good to be true. And as soon as you read further, you find it’s all about affiliate marketing as more and more people try to affiliate links for others product in their post. And reading such write-ups seems to be extremely waste of time.

#4 Headlines turning the professionals down

Many amateur bloggers or newbies try to act as a PRO by directly challenging the existing experienced professionals. For example- “Consistency is all bullshit, follow what I say.”
Would you like to give such headline a positive signal? Probably not! As the headline itself states that he knows everything and is challenging every single person who has been working hard for many years.

#5 Unstructured headlines

Bloggers often happen to pressurize themselves for writing something that’s fully concentrated. Well, it’s okay to have an unstructured draft in the beginning as it may happen because you have crafted a headline without even knowing its meaning. But always make sure to proofread your content especially before publishing. Remember, the headline is the key factor of your blog post, make sure that you create it meaningful. Moreover, be conversational in your copywriting. Write as though you’re speaking face-to-face. A friendly tone will make you more likable. Corporate-speak copy always seems boring. After all, a visitor to your website wants to know a real human is behind this business.

Final verdict

Apart from these, there are certain other ways to have a poorly-crafted headline, and I have likely tried them all. Of course, people do have their own perspective and nobody can reveal the real headline which will work or not. But lacking in one of the afore-mentioned cornerstone elements, I must say that your odds of a successful headline will be immediately diminished.

So that’s all for now! Good Luck!