Amazing Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies That Work Wonders

For your ecommerce site to be a success, what you need most is to change your gained traffic into leads. Traffic is a crucial factor for any website, but it doesn’t pay your bills. It is here the importance of content to convert this traffic into leads comes.

On analyzing the rate of conversion for a website shows that those without any content the conversion rate is 0.5%. Whereas with content, the conversion rate rises to 2.9%. It is equivalent to nearly six times than without content.

Have you ever wondered what extra power does content have which allows turning the traffic into leads successfully? Let us give you a brief overview.

  1. Builds up a connection between you and your customer.
  2. Increases engagement.
  3. Increases Brand Loyalty.

We are here to show you some incredible ecommerce content marketing strategies that will boost your conversion.

A. Product or Service Guide: Step Towards a Quick and Easy Solution

One key strategy is to decide what type of content you wish to share. If you are engaged in selling a product or providing a service, then an excellent way to start is to build product and service guides like Velvet Caviar. You might have brought a great new product into the market or launched a brand new service. But, unless you let others know what your product does and how and where it can be used, it won’t sell in the market. The aim of these guidelines should not be to sell. Instead, aim it at being informative and guide people towards making the right decision.

Aim your guide at building people’s confidence in your brand and service. The more people know about your product, how it works and its uses; the more others confidence in it will increase. Be honest if there are some shortcomings. It tends to increase others trust in you. For each feature within the guide, incorporate how they can be beneficial to your customers.

Visuals are a key to ecommerce content marketing. In your guide make sure to include images and videos demonstrating your product in details. Include your information and visuals to create an infographic. It is a great way to make your place in the market and mind grabbing infographics can entice others in sharing your content.

B. Original and Inspiring Stories: Share and Boost Interaction

Did you know that National Geography engages 350 million global followers over social media using storytelling content marketing?

One of the easiest and main strategies for content marketing is connection building, and storytelling is one of the best methods. When you enrich your content with stories, then the information turns to wisdom. It shows that you are not chasing profits, instead genuinely trying to help people through your services and products.

There are some aspects you should be aware when sharing your stories.

  • Know your position

If you opened up a business or introduced a new product in the market, then your audience might not even know of it. So, start off by telling stories that show a picture of a problem and how you can solve it. It builds up attention and curiosity towards what you are doing. Keep these type of stories short.

Now, if people know who you are and what you do but you need to make yourself stand out amongst the huge competition; then your content and storytelling need to be more valuable and authentic. Include your victories, failures your works into a mix to show that what you do is authentic.

Another category would be that people already know and trust you. You want to show them your quality is increasing more and that you can provide them with what they are craving for. In such cases, the best practice would be to go for case studies and success stories of your previous clients.

  • Use of Frameworks

Frameworks allow you to see the value of what you do and tell it to your audience in such a way that resonates within them.

  • Visual to your Story

You want to enhance the experience your audience has. For that one, the best uses are to include visuals to your story.

C. Share user Tips, Tricks and Hacks

The best way to boost up your sales is presenting different interesting ways to use an item. Survey and find innovating ways your customers are using your products. Jolt all of them down into your novel and let your readers know more ways to use your product captivatingly.

It will create a hype which will result in many people buying your product being enticed by it. The sales of plastic bottles rose with the introduction of simple hacks where it can be used as chip holder, funnel, phone stand, yolk remover, bottle opener, etc.

D. Gamify Content: Boost Customer Engagement

Your plan should be to increase interaction. Gamification can play a major role here. Interface interactive elements like quizzes, challenges, badges and progress bar alongside your content to add engagement to it.

In 2018, gamification has taken a wider turn, and it is seen that 49% of players are converted to customers. Players get to know your brand through games, and 35% are also willing to share their personal data with you. You can generate both your leads and enrich your database. Bringing this gamification into your content serves a similar purpose and has an effect of increasing customer engagement.

E. Micro-Influencers: Path to Promoting your Content

If your goal is to communicate on a personal level and establish your brand value, then micro influencers are an excellent choice owing to their ability to engage smaller groups. It adds credibility to your service and product.

You can start by coming in an agreement with them, where you will sponsor their video in your website in exchange of something else. It will act as a way to promote both of you making it a valuable asset within content marketing strategies.

Start using these strategies in your content marketing to observe growth in your ecommerce sales. It will take time to take effect and have perfection. Keep trying, and with time you will improve.