Amazon to Merge Its Ad and Campaign Products into One Platform

Amazon is reportedly merging its expansive, yet scattered, ad business into a single, centralized platform that can be used by both first and third-party sellers. This reported, new platform brings together Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services, and the Amazon Advertising Platform. However an Amazon Marketing Agency can help you better understand all the services offered by the Amazon company. “

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This consolidation of branding, content, product creation, advertising, and merchandising could make marketing on the platform more navigable and streamline campaign traffic tracking. It could also position the e-commerce behemoth as a worthy adversary to tech rivals Facebook and Google.

The Positives of a Refreshed Ad Platform

Amazon’s ad platform is currently segmented into two marketing groups; those who sell directly to Amazon and those who sell to Amazon’s buyers.

For brands working campaigns on both sides, this divided system can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. There’s also the issue of both sides competing for artificial bid increases, which can result in headaches for marketers.

After this new platform rolls out, announced first by Digiday, both experienced Amazon marketers and newcomers should have an easier time setting up campaigns and tracking performance with a combined data set.

Amazon has also been working to give both sets of marketers access to the same tools, which could enhance the overall experience and give marketers more incentive to advertise on Amazon.

The company started testing this option with third-party sellers a few days before this year’s Prime Day. Specifically, sellers were able to test data-based reporting which included a customizable graph marketers could use to stay on top of trends across campaigns and metrics.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s ad business hasn’t quite reached the heights of competitors Facebook and Google but it has been growing rapidly.

The company generated $2.2 billion in its latest quarter which proves that although it’s still in its infancy, Amazon’s ad business could be a worthy competitor to Facebook and Google down the line.

The company is committed to securing ad buys and, as a way to forge deeper bonds with brands, they’ve started reaching out to brands directly and opening up dialogues about analytics and Amazon’s ad business.

These brand/CMO relationships are good for Amazon as it starts to really flesh out its ad business and good for marketers who are looking for a more sustainable and transparent marketplace.

There’s still no update as to when this unified platform will roll out or if it will go live as a beta first. Nevertheless, this consolidation is a step in the right direction for the company’s ad business and good news for the content promoters that work with it.

What are your thoughts on a consolidated Amazon ad platform? Would you feel more compelled to use it for marketing? Let us know in the comments!