Apps Helping Small Businesses Brand Themselves

Since many decades now, we have referred to all soft drinks as “Coke” and tissues as “Kleenex”, regardless of their brand. Similarly, all four-wheelers are jeeps while an online search is always “googling”, even though different search engine platforms like Yahoo and Bing are being used.

Apart from these, there are numerous other examples of brands that have successfully implemented brand awareness and became household names for their respective products.

And, although the companies mentioned above are powerhouses and dominating the industry, the art of branding is available to all businesses irrespective of their size and niche. In fact, all companies should adopt the tactics of successful branding.

According to Lucidpress, “A brand exists in the minds of your customers.” TSL marketing also emphasizes the importance of branding and declares that the effort made on marketing will yield increased customer loyalty, better image, and relatable identity.

But, how can a small business with limited budget brand themselves to a pool of audience? How can they successfully become the Kleenex and Coke for their niche?

Today, mobile technology has evolved as an integral part of our daily lives. Mobile apps are not only making our personal lives convenient but also providing business owners an opportunity to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere. The competitive industry of 2018 and beyond makes it challenging for business owners to retain both – new and prospective customers. Luckily, in the plethora of mobile apps in the App Store, there are many software that can make it easy to cultivate a stronger brand and enhance return on investment.

Here are some apps, along with tips, that can assist small business owners to overcome the challenges of successful branding:

Make your business searchable

According to a report, 63% of customers use websites to search local businesses. On the other hand, Google Maps is preferred by 84% of consumers when searching for nearby business. Simply put, having a site that is easily searchable is the key to building brand awareness in today’s digital era.

When searching for a business, most internet users head on to Google Places. Therefore, ensure that your website is listed on the platform. Through the app, consumers can also find other information about your business such as reviews, ratings, and nearby landmarks.

Apart from Google Maps, City Search, Yelp, and YP Yellow Pages Android app are also very popular amongst internet surfers when searching for businesses in their vicinity.

Offer discounts and deals

CanvasPop, a service that enables users to transform their photos into canvas, ran a Groupon where they offered a $30 gift certificate with each order they received. A “share with a friend” campaign was also initiated that enhanced word-of-mouth marketing. Above all, the company managed to gain many email addresses that helped grow their list of subscribers.

Internet consumers are always on the lookout for deals and discounts from their favorite brands. In fact, 93% of shoppers use digital discounts and coupons throughout the year. Another study shows a 73% increase in the sale of lotion in a value pack.

It’s simple enough! Offering deals and offers is a great marketing tactic to improve ROI and brand awareness. Internet users who are looking to find instant deals scour apps such as Groupon, Google Shopper, and Living Social extensively. These mobile apps not only offer excellent deals but are available on the go as well – making it highly approving for consumers all over the world.

Use the power of social media

In today’s digital era, 71% of consumers agree to purchase more from a company that they follow on social media. Today, it is crucial for business owners to expand their reach to all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are just some of the many social media accounts that consumers follow. Having brand recognition on all is vital to ensure the success of your branding campaign.

Marketing platforms such as HootSuite and Buffer enable business owners to manage their social media accounts effectively. These platforms allow admins to conveniently schedule posts, track progress, and engage with the customers at the right time. Moreover, these apps are save time as business owners can post on various accounts from a single dashboard.


Starbucks Coffee has added an exclusive Twitter handle where they take ideas from consumers on how they can make the services of America’s number one coffee shop better. Till date, their Twitter account has received more than 210,000 ideas. Better yet, the company has gone out of their way and implemented the winning ideas.

Listening to customer’s queries, suggestions, and even criticism is essential. As we are all aware, the customer is always right. By listening to their requirements, holding effective communication, and adapting their ideas is the key to success for any business.

Communication apps like Slack and Google Hangouts are instant messaging platform that help business owners of all sizes efficiently communicate with their clients as well as the team. Hookt, an app by AirG is also a useful platform that allows business owners to have spam less chat with their clients.

Final words

Apart from the ones that we mentioned above, there are several other ways to boost your brand recognition. Remember, the branding tactics that you apply in your marketing strategy will help you stand apart from your competitors and enable you to secure long-term success.

How would you develop your brand? What are some of your favorite examples of branding and how would you use their examples in your marketing strategy? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!