Aprimo Launches Idea Lab, an Ideation Solution for Marketing Teams

Aprimo Reinvents the Planning Stage

Globally recognized marketing software company Aprimo recently unveiled their innovative new ideation solution called Idea Lab. Idea Lab is a collaborative visual canvas where marketing and creative groups can facilitate their early stage ideation processes with ease and efficiency.

This solution is the latest addition to Aprimo’s award-winning suite of marketing operations solutions. According to the Idea Lab data sheet, it is “the only ideation solution on the market that connects into best-of-breed marketing work management, marketing budgeting and spend management, and digital asset management solutions.”

Idea Lab Features

We spoke to Aprimo VP and Head of Marketing Ed Breault at Intelligent Content Conference last week and he gave us some insights on Idea Lab’s capabilities and what those new features mean for Aprimo customers.

“We created Idea Lab for capturing brilliant ideas as they happen. It’s a system of record for ideas for early stage ideation. You can use Idea Lab for your next million dollar campaign down to your next white paper idea. It’s an easy to use canvas where you can start with an idea and then layer and add in channels to get a grasp of what an experience should look and feel like.

You can upload inspirational elements to your plan such as imagery or video and you can also use Idea Lab for long distance team collaboration. For example, if you have a colleague in Australia or somewhere with a large time difference, you can go to Idea Lab to ideate and thread discussions in a safe zone before it’s official, no matter the location of your team members.

Once your idea is ready to go into production or execution mode, you can click a button and send all your data and metadata information into a system of record. Nobody else is doing that.”


During our conversation, Breault also revealed that Aprimo used Idea Lab to launch Idea Lab itself. The Aprimo team detailed their ideation process on the platform in full and then used the software to get it to market.

According to the Idea Lab data sheet, the solution also serves as a creative calendar and a planning calendar. Team members can lay out their ideas by different time spans, adjust dates if plans change, and integrate it with Aprimo’s Marketing Productivity solution to take ideas from concept to planning, budgeting, and creation.

Idea Lab retires the tried and true method of whiteboard and sticky note planning. It gives marketers and creative groups a system of record for which to jot down and store their ideas in at every stage of the creation process.

Aprimo Stands at the Forefront of Innovation

For 15 years, Aprimo has set a gold standard for what marketing solutions can be. They are trusted by some of the world’s top companies including, Walmart, Comcast, Ikea, Lego, and most recently, the International Olympic Committee. They are no stranger to quality and innovation and Idea Lab is just the first step in a new era of burgeoning marketing solutions for the software company.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Aprimo VP Ed Breault coming next week and learn more about Idea Lab and Aprimo by visiting Aprimo.com.