artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is getting real day by day. The capability of AI is not only limited to small electronic devices, but also getting involved in day to day work like marketing, sales, social…
Some Predictions for AI in Marketing in 2019
  • 204
  • 03/06
  • Jackson Maven
If you are a big fan of Hollywood movies, you may find it discomforting to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into our lives. In reality, however, the advancement in AI technology…
5 Ways AI Is Changing Digital Marketing Practices
  • 273
  • 12/06
  • Patrick Austin
Talk to any marketer today, in any sub-discipline and within 5 minutes the conversation will have steered toward talking about artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a hot topic right now because of the rapid growth it…
How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Marketing In 2019?
AI technology is evolving fast. The cutting edge tech is becoming more advanced every year and more ingrained in our daily lives. It’s a field filled with endless possibility, from advanced chatbots to image recognition…
How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Marketing In 2019?
  • 64
  • 07/27
  • Genevieve Dietz
I am sitting at my desk, editing an article, and a young lad comes and asks me, “Hi, would you know where I can find Adam?” Well, I know four Adams. The first is an…
How AI Personalizes Search Results: A Google Search Experiment
  • 233
  • 07/24
  • Karanveer Singh
The way artificial intelligence (AI) has entered in our lives and changed our perception, tells a lot what the future is going to be. We have already witnessed certain cool applications of AI like voice-powered…
How Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Content Marketing?
  • 389
  • 07/10
  • Smith Willas
Microsoft and InMobi to Bring New Cloud Solutions to Global Consumers Tech giant Microsoft has announced that they will be partnering up with India-based mobile advertising tech company InMobi to bring new artificial intelligence marketing…
Microsoft Teams Up with Mobile Ad Tech Company InMobi
  • 104
  • 06/28
  • Genevieve Dietz
According to Chartbeat analytics, two out of three clicks on native advertising bounces in 15 seconds or less. From Facebook to Outbrain, it costs three times the cost of a click for a content marketer to…
AI fixes waste in paid media
  • 806
  • 06/21
  • Chad Pollitt
Colossal ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Themed Amazon Shipping Box Spotted in L.A. A mysterious Amazon shipping box seen being driven around L.A. yesterday has been capturing the attentions and imaginations of intrigued Los Angeles locals.…
Amazon Goes ‘Jurassic’ in Triple-Branded Marketing Stunt
  • 262
  • 05/31
  • Genevieve Dietz
Movyl Introduces a Solid New AI Solution Movyl Technologies, a San Francisco-based global social media tech company, is launching a hyper intelligent AI social media marketing platform designed to help its users automate their influencer…
Movyl Technologies Unveils New AI Based Social Media Marketing Platform
  • 234
  • 05/29
  • Genevieve Dietz
Adwords Updates and Google Assistant Innovations The highly anticipated Google I/O developer conference kicked into high gear yesterday with exciting new machine learning, Smart Home, and self driving car updates and revelations. While the bulk…
  • 138
  • 05/09
  • Genevieve Dietz
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