Ask Your Outsourced Video Provider These 17 Questions before Hiring

With more than one billion YouTube users in 2014, if you’re not already on the hunt for a quality video provider, you should be. At the 10th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, Lou Bortone, Principal at and Rich Fahle (pronounced Folly), Founder and Creative Lead at reminded this year’s video workshop attendees that over 28 percent of Google searches are derived from YouTube.

Checklist of questions to ask your video provider

If you’re outsourcing the task of video development, Bortone and Fahle suggest asking yourself and your providers the following questions:

  1. Can they deliver on time?
  2. Are the deadlines clear?
  3. Is everything in writing?
  4. How did you hear about them? Do they have referrals?
  5. What makes them better?
  6. How is the chemistry between your team and their team?
  7. Are you flexible and willing to change?
  8. Are they experienced in your industry or niche?
  9. What other services do they provide besides just video production?
  10. Is your company active on multiple social platforms?
  11. What kind of video are you making?
  12. What do the big, overall actions include?
  13. Are they paired with other companies?
  14. Do they have experience with your specific kind of video?
  15. What makes them qualified for your job?
  16. What tools and resources do they have available?
  17. Will they help with marketing and YouTube optimization?

About Video Quality

Optimization of the video itself and its marketing should be clear from the start. Use the transcript section of YouTube to optimize for a hearing-impaired audience and when you do use music, use professional music beds and not copyrighted songs. Play with the video in many formats to optimize it for different social media audiences. Sections of the same footage can be used at five seconds on Instagram or three minutes on YouTube or Vimeo.

Reasons to Insource Your Video Team

Fahle suggests that “insourcing might be the better bet.” He offers several reasons why companies ought to invest in hiring quality videographers who can multi-task other in-house responsibilities. He also offered these insights:

  • If you’re actively marketing your company, video will naturally be part of that effort these days.
  • Most companies will see huge savings.
  • Insourcing provides greater flexibility.
  • Most companies see tighter integration with marketing.
  • Potentially your company can take on additional projects.
  • You could minimize editing costs.

Fahle goes on to suggest that if you do outsource, “make the person you hire someone who you could hire to launch your internal video team.” There is a time to outsource: when you need a project completed on a quick deadline, or if your company has limited resources, outsourcing is probably your best immediate option. Use many formats and optimize your videos, and create an experience beyond a YouTube video.

Lou Bortone concludes, “Unless you’re creating a key branding video or an evergreen video that’s going to be on your home page, insourcing is the way to go. Nobody knows your product or service like you, and it’s just become too easy and efficient not to do it yourself.”