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With over 17 years of experience in sales and marketing, Neema Kapoor is currently the Managing Editor at Relevance. Neema has been working as a digital marketing strategist for the past 10 years. Prior to moving to online marketing, she has held leadership roles in corporate communications and branding in organizations that include Hewlett Packard, QAI Global and Taj Group of Hotels.

STRATEGY is the single most misused word that I have ever come across. Seriously, a five cent lemonade stand run by a cute 10 year old in a busy park can be as strategically located,…
A 3 Step Method to Create a Killer Content Strategy
Frankly, after all is said and done, ANYTHING that entertains or informs, be it a stand up performance, a funny joke, a cool logo, Taylor Swift’s new video, or the manual to your new iPhone…
Isn’t All Marketing Communication Actually Content Marketing?
An excerpt from the book “ The Traditional Marketers Guide to Content Marketing” After spending more than 20 years on (what I thought) was every aspect of marketing which included advertising, search optimization, PR, mailers…
But How Is Content Marketing Different From, Well, REGULAR Marketing?
Content Marketing tops the poll for the third consecutive year as the marketing activity likely to make the biggest commercial impact in 2018. Refer the poll results below courtesy I think the biggest reason…
Top of the Polls for the Third Consecutive Year
Somebody recently asked me what makes GREAT content. Great writing? Strategic ideas? Creative storytelling? Or a captive audience, maybe? In fact, What makes ANYTHING or for that matter ANYONE really GREAT? To be honest, I…
Ingredients That Make Great Content
Google Search still drives 51% of the internet traffic but does that necessarily make SEO the sharpest arrow in your quiver? Over the past few years both SEO and Content Marketing have become ‘must-have tools’…
Is SEO Still Giving You Positive ROI?
CONTENT MARKETING is what WE think the end customer wants. The truth is that any channel or medium will have larger goals outside the brands that it features. For the most part, these are aligned…
SEO is What WE Think That GOOGLE Thinks That the End Customer Wants
It was always a close race.  BOTH were at some point the proverbial chicken and egg. SEO had always depended heavily on content. And with Google’s relentless algorithmic updates, it became clear the bar was…
Does Content Marketing need SEO? … Or wait … Was it the other way around?
  After I joined the Relevance team last August, a lot of my friends and family were keen to understand how they could apply “content marketing principles” to grow their own businesses. While some of…
5 Ready-to Use “Small Budget” Content Marketing Tips for ALL Businesses, Big and Small
  Google gave and Google Taketh Google was never in the brand business. It was ALWAYS in the content business. And while the 10 blue links lasted.. It was a great marriage. It had it’s up…
Top 15 Advanced SERP Features To Look Out For In 2018
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