3 Tools to Help You Add Expert Influencers to Your Content

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  • 03/18

Creating content that’s fresh, shareable and useful proves more difficult with each passing day. So how do you find a new way to create content that your audience will value and want to read? Add quality to your content by adding expert sources to back up your ideas. Trustworthy content is easier for readers to share, and the experts you cite for your content could also share it with their own audiences. Check out three tools that can help you find these expert influencers in your target market.


A relatively new service, Buzzsumo allows users to search the most shared topics in their industries. Not only do you get insight into what content is performing well among your niche audience, but you can also search top influencers in the space. The search results sort influencers based on followers, retweet ratio, reply ratio and the average number of retweets.

This tool gives you the ability to gauge how much influence these experts really do have on their audience. Working with someone who has a high retweet ratio may help you get better exposure, as long as the influencer is inclined to share the work they were included in with their followers.


HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a useful tool for incorporating expert opinions into your writing. Reporters and writers can submit requests for quotes and interviews with industry specific experts. Their network consists of more than 200,000 expert sources looking to share their knowledge.

Depending on the subject of your query, you can expect immediate responses from experts as well as PR professionals representing their clients. HARO also offers the opportunity for you to gain expert opinions and gather future ideas for stories and pitches. Either way, your inbox will be filled with messages from people who understand your requests and are happy to help add some credibility to your story.

Keyhole keyhole-logo

Keyhole allows businesses to track conversations happening around their target market. You can track a hashtag, a keyword or a URL in real time. How could this tool help you find influencers to participate in your content?

Keyhole allows you to monitor top participants in your target space online. While this tool may seem similar to FollowerWonk, it taps into Instagram and Facebook hashtags as well. One way to use Keyhole to find top contributors is to track Twitter chat hashtags and find top participants. Keyhole breaks down users by most influential users and allows you to see their following and bios right on the page. This program is also beta testing an influencer identification tool that draws from real data to find the people leading the conversations in your target market.

Building influencer opinions into your work is becoming a highly valued aspect of quality content. Not only are you adding an extra level of expertise to your work, but you’re also adding another level of shareability to it. Finding these influencers in your industry to participate can seem like the most challenging part, but try starting off with one of these three tools to get your feet wet. What other tools are you using to identify influencers in your industry? Share in the comments below.

  • 619
  • 03/18

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